Secrets across the table

We had family supper yesterday.
I have a new noodle attachment which I'll blog about some other time.

There are people in our family that are just crazy about noodles...
and I enjoy watching their noodle eating technique.

It is fun to watch the interaction around the table and since there was so much fun going on I ran and grabbed my camera to capture it for them.

There were secrets across the table.

and the part of that I most enjoyed was...

watching this one smile at his mom and dad in between his mouthfuls of noodles.

Friday night family dinner...
is a good thing.
all for now...


  1. May that beautiful child always find the love that surrounds him at your table. There is no doubt that growing up with the loving example of grandparents and parents who love one another, so obviously, sets in motion another generation of loving relationships.
    This post is a winner!

  2. Noodles and fun secrets! Sounds like a great combo!

  3. So perfectly cute...Noodles seem to be the rage here also and never enough. I love watching how the young one loves looking at his parents secret...His expression is superb and no wonder you had to sneak your camera and take some shots. Priceless.

  4. I have to think of what my younger brother used to say as a little boy .. Nur nuren ...for only noodles.

  5. That looks like the best noodle-eating party to me!


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