anniversary dinner

I stuck my head out the door to see how our Beef Tenderloin was coming along.
Six minutes on each side and when it was turned...
I started the asparagus and the shrimp.

We hardly ever eat at the table.
The island has become our place to eat our meals but after our dinner we thought we might have to rethink that.
We put on music from the 1970's and had fun trying to remember which groups sang each song.
We laughed about our escape out of town after the wedding and the fancy hotel where we felt so completely out of place.
We remembered the complimentary bottle of champagne that we didn't even bother to open as we had never tasted champagne at 19 years old and preferred soda on ice.

As we began our anniversary dinner...
I told him..."eat slow"...and he did.
He told me to change spots with him so I could see the city lights.

We remembered how the day before the wedding I was sure I had the stomach flu.
While the church gym was being decorated by others I was in the ladies washroom feeling ill.
I went home to change for the rehearsal dinner and told my mom I wouldn't be able to go.
My mom who knew me better than I knew myself told me it was just nerves and doctored me up a bit.
She was right.
 I ate and rehearsed and the next day  I married  and felt immensely better right after.

This all came back to me the day of our book launch in 2011.
I spent the day much as I did the day before the wedding.
My beloved came in late in the afternoon....
reminded me of our wedding rehearsal and told me I had to go and I had better get showered.
He was right.
I showered...went and launched the book...
and felt immensely better right after.

These are some of the things we talked about...laughed about ...and groaned about on the evening of our 35th wedding anniversary.

God's blessings have touched every day of our marriage.
I am so thankful he is here in our life together.

all for now...
with love,


  1. Oh I'm glad that you included some of the details that make an event come to life. So glad that you didn't become a "runaway" bride. Ha! Hope that you keep right on celebrating all week long... (I still prefer soda over champagne.)

  2. What a beautiful thing! Happy, Happy Anniversary, Lovella!

    May you and your beloved share many more years together!

    The hotel we stayed in gave us champagne too! We opened it, took a sip and that was all. Soda for me please!


  3. What a wonderful story to share with us. Happy anniversary. Dinner looks great.

  4. THat looks delicious! What fun to reminisce 35 years back :)

  5. Fun memories!
    Eating face to face across a table is a lot more sweet than shoulder to shoulder at the counter.

  6. I think you did it up just right...celebrating your 35th with a wonderful meal cooked at home and shared at a beautifully set table as you took a trip down memory lane. Wishing you many blessings as you travel the road ahead...together!

  7. I had to smile at your feeling sick ... why was I not surprised?
    It's funny what nerves can do and maybe it's even a bit contageous ... seems I've had a bit of that in the more recent past. =) (The TV thing in Kitchener for one.)
    Your dinner looks and sounds wonderful!
    I see Kobee is being very good lest she spoil her exclusive right to be there.

  8. Awww I love how your celebrated this special anniversary!! Cute stories about how nerves can get the better of us - I can identify! Our favourite 70's song (and we used it during our wedding ceremony) was Karen Carpenter's "Top of the World" :).
    I can't believe how Springy it is over your way - we're still under snow cover here and there's not BBQing in a T-Shirt quite yet!

  9. What a lovely anniversary celebration. A table for 2, candlelight, a delicious meal and sweet memories shared. It couldn't be better! So glad you had a happy anniversary!

  10. I, too loved watching Kobe on his I was reading your post, I thought too, that there was a similar pattern of those funny nerves as we all recalled launching the first book. Now we all experience this pattern together with you.
    It,s fun to see how anxious moments push us up and beyond. Soon we will all be identifying with the same anxious pattern again.

  11. What a perfect way to celebrate - so much more fun and more intimate than going out!

  12. This is a sweet post Lovella. It's nice to hear of your pre-wedding jitters and to see your anniversary celebration dinner. Blessings to you both for many more wonderful years together. Pamela

  13. Congratulations on 35 years together, Lovella! What a blessing, indeed!

  14. I love that line..."God's blessings have touched every day of our marriage." Beautiful thought...


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