Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day 2012

With much to be thankful for...
I give thanks to God for his provision and beauty that surrounds us...
and in freedom I  worship Him with awe and  joy.

Happy Canada Day!

all for now...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pie and Borscht and Rollkuchen Class at Lepp's

Twenty ladies came out last night to Lepp Farm Market to learn how to make...
Borscht, Rollkuchen, Lemon Meringue Pie, Fresh Raspberry Pie, Baked Peach Pie and Baked Cherry Pie.

We enjoy teaching these classes so much since it is cooking live with live responses.

Having the chance to work together....
is such a treat.

Sometimes I have to really think what I all did before MGCC.

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful the staff is at Lepp Farm Market?
Those young ladies are so efficient...
washing all our dishes as we prep and cook and then are ready to serve what ever we cook up.

At the end of the day they all everyone went home with full tummies.
I brought some lemon meringue pie home to my beloved and some fresh Bing Cherries.

As I walked into the Market yesterday...
I thought to myself..
summer REALLY is here.

If you haven't visited your local farm market near you yet...
you really need to treat your senses to the vibrant colors of summer fruits and vegetables.

all for now...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

down at the river

Yesterday we drove over the Mission bridge and curled back underneath it to take a photo of the old railway bridge which in my early years was the only span linking the north and south banks between Mission and Matsqui.

For many years it has been the gauge at how high the river is.
My dad would come home with reports of how many boards were showing on the swing span which has a vertical clearance of 4.9 meters when the bridge is closed.

Anyone who has lived in the area for any length of time soon learns that it is the gauge at Mission Bridge which is closely monitored during the spring thaw.
As you can see from the photo....there are no boards showing and that is a indication of how high the water levels currently are.

The river level has been going down this week instead of going up and this weekend there will be one more spike in the levels as the water from the interior makes it to the lower mainland.

The dike system is holding strong and for those that have their property on the other side of the dike...
they will likely not have issues.

My parents were evacuated in 1948 when the river flooded and our house saw the river flow through it.
Since then the dike system has been upgraded and the farm that my parents owned is safe and dry.

For those that are living along the banks of the Fraser River and have crops currently under water...
our hearts go out to them ....
and that ...
is why we listen to the reports of the water levels at the Mission Bridge gauge daily.

all for now...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

harrison hot springs family vacation 2012

Last year on June 23rd ...I snapped the photo above during our copper room family dinner.
We were 10 that year.

Exactly a month later...we became 11.

Time goes so fast...doesn't it?
Little Oh went from being safe under his beloved Mommy's heart in the pool...
 to sitting with his siblings...
kept safe by chubby hands in the waterfall exactly one year later.

We didn't know he would wear the most adorable baby curl...
or have a smile that cannot help but be reflected back to him.

We were also joined this year by Mom and Auntie Loretta.
Next year...they promise to bring swim suits...
it's been documented here.


The weather forecast had been watched way too often in the week.
"why?" he asked.
"I'm just curious" was my reply.
I do that...I watch the weather forecast from one event on my calendar to the next.
When will I stop?
I expect the same time my dad did.

The weekend couldn't have been lovelier...both in time spent and the weather outcome.
It even has provided us with a memory.

All day Saturday it was expected to shower and instead we were treated to lounge chair weather.
The sun was shining and my big plan to do the Grand photos in the outfits I purchased for just this occasion....was set for 5 pm.


We set this time...
specifically for the feeling of cooperation that post naptime provides..
and preluding dinner that fresh from the luggage outfits provides.

There is no photo of us walking down the stairs towards the beautiful gardens and the look of unbelief at the downpour that greeted us as we opened the doors.

We tried to set the children on the steps but ...
alas...when I have a vision ...
it is hard to reset my vision...
and the photography of our beautiful grands was postponed to a day sometime in the future...
when the post naptime cooperation, the outfits preluding dinner....
AND the weather...
are all in agreement.


Instead of taking photos..
the children ran around poles in the lobby and did not concern themselves about photography...
even when I mentioned to them...
that non flash photography with grammies point and shoot of children on the run...
is near impossible to make blog worthy.

Did I mention there were five this year?
Oh so cute!
They were greeted in our room by their swim cover ups that were the best investment I've made so far this summer.
(yes...I know that we are only into summer one week)

I didn't manage to capture all five dear little ones in one photo.
By the time I realized I didn't even have a decent photo of Grandgirlie and Little Miss Muffet...
they were gone to another event on Sunday.
So it goes!
This one does include my three favorite men..
three favorite little girls...
and one baby Oh.

Everyone had fun!
From the first time visitor to the ones that already remembered what we were talking about when the plans were set.

On Sunday they all went home and the two of us remained for one more night.
This morning we went for a last walk around the village and took in the scenery as adults often do.

The mountains in the background remind us that summer of 2012 has only just begun.
 I thank God for all the memories we were blessed to create.

all for now...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovella Juice

Photo courtesy of Lovella juice company website

Yesterday my cousin Nancy sent me  a link to this juice.
I couldn't help but be amused.  My name is not that common and yet in the Croatian agriculture region
they call their juice Lovella based on the idea of "in love with nature concept".

I surely wish I could have a bottle or maybe an assortment.

Check out the invitation to come visit on their website...
which flavour would you like me to bring back for you?

If you are going to Croatia soon and want to bring me back a souvenir...
here is the map.

Maybe I'll have to order up a case one day...
for one of those milestone events.

Thanks for the smile Nancy!
Speaking of smiles...
I aim to bring a few to the faces of some dear ones this weekend.

all for now..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

on the first day of summer

summer began and the sun came out to bring warmth to my soul.
Dinner was laid outside on the small table in the sunshine and we sat out there until the sun went down.

It might have been a perfect day had I not learned of an illness of a woman I have known for many years.  Her parents and my parents worked together in the church kitchen during their retirement years.  Her Dad fixed our refrigerator more than once when we bought ourselves a lemon.
For several years I worked in an office where for a short while I took messages for her husband in the office across from ours.

We are not close friends in the way that we call to visit or chat on the phone....
 and yet I admire her greatly and have been blessed to have her pray with me.

I went to the barn and shared the news with my beloved..
and together we prayed.

All day I kept thinking of what it must be like to absorb the difficult news they have received.

Knowing their deep faith in the Lord ...
they will trust Him today as they did yesterday and the day before that.
We will be joined by thousands of believers praying that God would do a miracle and bring healing.
They will pray that above all else...God will be glorified and ask that his will be done.

In the days and friends will rally around them. . . .
supporting ...encouraging...offering meals and showing them love as they have shown love to so many.

The first day of summer...

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all for now...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

warehouse sale

A flyer came in the mail yesterday.
I leisurely flipped through it.

And then...
I saw this.

I love it....
a sale with a purpose to feed the local food bank.

It kind of makes me want to pay them a visit...
and stock up on some summer reading material.

all for now..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wilderness Ready

Yesterday when he was gathering eggs I went in the barn to see how much longer he would be.
I was excited to give him his Father's Day gift.
He thought I looked like I was "up to no good".
I said..."no...I am excited to give you your present".

He said..."we don't do Father's day presents".

Curious then...
he turned off the egg packer and decided to come see.
I had it in the back of the car and opened the hatch to reveal the box.

He smiled.....and pulled the box out.

He opened the box in the shop and started to put together his Wilderness 12 pontoon boat.

I noted there was a basket in the back for a rider....or something.
Hmmm...or maybe my spot wil be attached to a air mattress towed behind. 

For all the rain we've had this last weekend...
we might not need to wait  for him to try it out properly this summer when we are camping.

Whether the fish he catches is big or small...
he will enjoy paddling around the lake.

It made me happy to surprise him!
For all those Father's Days he was happy without a present...
he has one to remember with a present!!!

all for now...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

I wondered yesterday how our life would be different if this Daddy had not survived cancer when the boys were little.

I would have raised those little boys alone.
They would have not remembered their daddy except for the few photos we had of them together and all the memories I would have retold for them over and over.

God would have provided for us in every way that would be important but humanely speaking I reflect on how blessed we have been to be a family complete with a Daddy.

I thought about all these things yesterday when we were playing with Grandgirlie and Little Miss Muffet and saw them delight in the teasing of Grandpa.  

As far as they can see...
he is very excited to play all the games they can think of...
and no one is more impressed with semi executed cart wheels or how the  hoola-hoop momentarily swirls around a little girls waist.

 I would have had to learn to be independent.
By now...I'd know how to properly wash my car and mow my own lawn.
I would live in town....and not on a farm.
I would be working . . .  and maybe not blogging.

I am very thankful that he survived and is part of the story of how we raised our family and are now enjoying our grown up children and grands together.

Together, we watch our sons having the privilege of a family and  I see in them a love that is a reflection of the example they have been blessed to know.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

preschool graduation

Kanneloni Macaroni read through the program as we waited for the commencement service to begin.

The Preschool Graduation of 2012.
Lil' farm hand...front row...second boy to the right...from the center.

I tried to snap a photo of him when it was all said and done.
Photos of little children in a the evening without a flash doesn't work well.

What did they say about him?
He likes the color blue and wants to be a fire fighter ...
or a cheetah.
Not a farmer?  Hmmm.

Off they marched for one more class photo.

What did little Oh say about it all?
"pass the banana bread".
Or ...
something like that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

foods class photography of '97

I came across these photos yesterday while I was looking through the photo album looking for blog material.
I paused for a bit and wondered why on earth I would have taken consecutive photos of meals in 1997.

I remembered then a school project that one of the boys had in Foods.
They had to make meals for a whole day and take pictures for a Food project.

It just makes me smile to think I was not the first in the family to make food and take pictures of it.

I also smile because that was back in the day...
when you did not take photos and quickly go look at them on the computer to see if you needed to try a different angle.
It was always a great surprise when you went to the store to pick up your photos.

I could go for a slice of his chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust.
I should call him up and see if he can still make it....
(if he ever did)

all for now...