preschool graduation

Kanneloni Macaroni read through the program as we waited for the commencement service to begin.

The Preschool Graduation of 2012.
Lil' farm hand...front row...second boy to the right...from the center.

I tried to snap a photo of him when it was all said and done.
Photos of little children in a the evening without a flash doesn't work well.

What did they say about him?
He likes the color blue and wants to be a fire fighter ...
or a cheetah.
Not a farmer?  Hmmm.

Off they marched for one more class photo.

What did little Oh say about it all?
"pass the banana bread".
Or ...
something like that.


  1. O is getting so big! Fun times with the Farm hand graduate who wants to be a cheetah or a fireman...LOL.

  2. too cute!! what a great age to be!

  3. Love the career path counciling the preschool must have offered. If only I had known cheeta was an option my work life history would have been totally different.
    I am with Ellen about Oh. Wow...don't blink with that one.

  4. Cheetah - well, I guess it must be quite an exciting pre-school, as I remember a career as a dog was suggested some 28 years ago.

  5. Great moments like this need to be documented...for sure! He looks ready to tak on the world.

    It's fun to look back years later and see what they once aspired to. Our farmer hoped to be a stunt man when he grew up. And the son who aspired to be a great hockey player one day, has little use for hockey. So don't count on him following his chosen career path. Just saying.

  6. And I wanted to say...beautiful header!

  7. Oh that Kanneloni is the cutest! and the graduating boy and ... well all three! Our boy could not decide whether he wanted to be a farmer or a firefighter. One day he asked, "Daddy what costs more, a farm or a fire engine?" Maybe the farm hand has figured that out already.

  8. You are ahead of me and reading this post makes me look forward to when my grandchildren are that age. I smiled the entire way through this post, especially when I saw little KM reading at such a young age:)

  9. They are so precious, thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. So soon? Real mortar boards and gowns? Just so cute. I love the way your granddaughter is studying the program. She is as cute as they come. A beautiful trio of grands right there!

  11. This is so sweet. A cheetah? That is a pretty cool answer. I remember my kids pre-school graduations. So many years ago now - 28 and 26 do be exact! Great memories.

  12. Such a happy occasion, Lovella. The boys are getting so big!


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