the choir

The high school that I attended many years ago is being torn down.
Last weekend they had a last chance to walk through the old building and I unfortunately missed it.

Besides attending school there and graduating there as did my brothers...
the school was also the place where for many years many community events took place.

Every year the community had an annual Rotary Carol Festival and local churches and community choirs  and bands  met for several evenings and performed songs that were all about Christmas.

This was our church choir performing.
The choir conductor was Kathy's Dad.

This newspaper clipping from long ago made me smile.
It was the Christmas of 1977.
I would have graduated that year and was freshly engaged to be married.

Two weeks after this date I attended Kathy and Scot's wedding...
just because her Dad was my choir conductor.
His choir...sang at her wedding.

It was the very beginning of our friendship.
If someone would have told me then that that pretty girl with the long wavy hair would become such a dear friend...
I might have bought her more than a little saucepan for a wedding gift.
I might have bought her an apron to go with it.
How perfect would that have been?

These were all the things I thought about when I looked at this old newspaper clipping.
And now...
this memory too has been documented.

Did you find me in the picture?

all for now..


  1. Ohhh that Kathy! How fun. Hope that you've made up for that saucepan many times through the years. Cute story.

    Nooooo, I don't see you. Is this a trick question? Are you backwards to the camera? There's only one possibility and it's so vague I dare not say...

    1. Vee, I'm in the front row, just left of the center beside the blond girl.

  2. This is a great picture and story Lovella. One never knows how far a friendship will bloom and how long it will last. I'm glad you and Kathy have become such close friends. Such a blessing!

  3. Great story and picture - love how you are documenting your young life and your reflections on it! So neat that you met Kathy in that way and how your friendship continues today. O.K. - I'm going to guess that you are standing in the front row - third from the left. Am I right????? Have a great day!

    1. Good try...
      I'm in the front row just left of center with the dark hair between the blond girl and the other dark haired girl.

  4. I think my guess would be the same as Rosella's. What a fun story on how you and Kathy came to know one another. Love it! Ha! I wonder if she remembers that saucepan...

  5. What a great memory! I remember that newspaper clipping and it must be at my dad's in a file or in my memory box of 'stuff'. I can see my beautiful mom there in the front row....she and my dad always 'caught eyes' when he was conducting. It was a sweet thing of theirs:) I recognize so many faces. ...and there are two ladies between where you stood and my mom stood.
    The sauce pan was used for 25 years until you bought us a new one for our 25th wedding anniversary. I still have that first little sauce pan...with a missing handle:) You must have known I be cooking a lot.
    I'm so glad for the friendship that began way back in 1977 and is stronger and sweeter today.

  6. Great story! Who would have known what the future held for you and Kathy?

    I recognize a few faces on that photo...but I couldn't find you, Lovella. Now I know. Those were the days...of choirs and maxi dresses!

  7. Oh, what a trip down memory lane! I was in that choir for a short time just before ... early 1976. Kathy's dad was not directing, it was Mr. Wittenberg. I was 18 - new in the church, had not grown up in this town and did not know anyone.I was surprised now to see so many young gals. I thought at that time there were a lot of older ones. Funny!
    Many familiar faces there. I don't see Kathy or her mom.

  8. Lovely memories and precious friendships = very touching post!

  9. I won't read the comments til I make my guess - I say third girl in the from the right.

  10. Well - from the left if you're standing in the choir - am I right? In the flowery dress with the white lacy on top?

  11. I sang in a few choirs just like that - Roger and I met in a group called The New Christian Singers. Sweet memories!

  12. It is so nice that you and Kathy share a history! I could not find you in the photo, Lovella. I have many good friends I knew since high school days, and although hardly any of them live in NY any longer we always try to get together once a year and stay in touch through e-mail and facebook.

  13. Man, I wish that picture was clearer - is that me & my sister behind you? I recognize alot of faces, but can't put names to all of them.

  14. I guess I would have been 6 days old when the newspaper was published. :) That's sad about your highschool being torn down. I'm assuming they are building something in its place.....

  15. Such an interesting read. Sorry that your old school needs to come down to make way for progress. Great that the memories are held fondly in your heart and not the brick walls! Blessings!


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