Pie and Borscht and Rollkuchen Class at Lepp's

Twenty ladies came out last night to Lepp Farm Market to learn how to make...
Borscht, Rollkuchen, Lemon Meringue Pie, Fresh Raspberry Pie, Baked Peach Pie and Baked Cherry Pie.

We enjoy teaching these classes so much since it is cooking live with live responses.

Having the chance to work together....
is such a treat.

Sometimes I have to really think what I all did before MGCC.

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful the staff is at Lepp Farm Market?
Those young ladies are so efficient...
washing all our dishes as we prep and cook and then are ready to serve what ever we cook up.

At the end of the day they all everyone went home with full tummies.
I brought some lemon meringue pie home to my beloved and some fresh Bing Cherries.

As I walked into the Market yesterday...
I thought to myself..
summer REALLY is here.

If you haven't visited your local farm market near you yet...
you really need to treat your senses to the vibrant colors of summer fruits and vegetables.

all for now...


  1. I'm so glad that you have a market as wonderful as Lepp's. It does make me a titch jealous, though. How I'd love to join one of these sessions and watch you gals at your work. I'm sure that I would learn so much. Have a great Canada Day, Lovella, and a wonderful weekend!

  2. That is a gorgeous meringue on the lemon pie. It makes me hungry. Does your family own the market? Where is it located?

  3. Lepp's is such an amazing place. I did a blog post on them the first week they opened and have gone back many times since. It is really not close to me but is always worth the drive.
    I will have to try to make it out there one evening when you and your MGCC crew are there. Looks like a lot of fun....and food.

  4. Those pies look wonderful! One of these days I'm going to sign up for a class when I'm in town - what a great way to spend an evening!

  5. Janice, thank you! No...we don't own Lepp's, but have known the people for many years. I have linked back to Lepp's now in the post so you can find out where they are located.

  6. Great job - how I wish I lived near Lepp's so I could take in your classes!!! Sometimes I wonder what I ever did before reading your blogs :).

  7. Yippee, I was hoping for photos from the cooking class. Everything looked great for sure. What fun...

  8. Wow, everything looks so fantastic. Now you've got my stomach growling! :)
    It looks like it was a really fun and fabulous time!

  9. It's not only the attendees who learn something at these classes. I've never been a confident pie maker so Thank you Marg, Anneliese and Lovella for the tutorial and the encouragement. I learned some great tips and I intend to try them out today.
    And thank you Rob and Charlotte for inviting us to do these classes. It gives us such pleasure to work together and to teach others.

  10. It,s always inspirational working together as we can all inspire each other and learn many new tips from our guests also. I,m enjoying our cherries.

  11. Hoping my sis will take me to Lepp's when I'm coming down for a visit in Aug! Looks like fun!


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