down at the river

Yesterday we drove over the Mission bridge and curled back underneath it to take a photo of the old railway bridge which in my early years was the only span linking the north and south banks between Mission and Matsqui.

For many years it has been the gauge at how high the river is.
My dad would come home with reports of how many boards were showing on the swing span which has a vertical clearance of 4.9 meters when the bridge is closed.

Anyone who has lived in the area for any length of time soon learns that it is the gauge at Mission Bridge which is closely monitored during the spring thaw.
As you can see from the photo....there are no boards showing and that is a indication of how high the water levels currently are.

The river level has been going down this week instead of going up and this weekend there will be one more spike in the levels as the water from the interior makes it to the lower mainland.

The dike system is holding strong and for those that have their property on the other side of the dike...
they will likely not have issues.

My parents were evacuated in 1948 when the river flooded and our house saw the river flow through it.
Since then the dike system has been upgraded and the farm that my parents owned is safe and dry.

For those that are living along the banks of the Fraser River and have crops currently under water...
our hearts go out to them ....
and that ...
is why we listen to the reports of the water levels at the Mission Bridge gauge daily.

all for now...


  1. Wow, that is high. I hope the levels don't get higher and am sorry, too, for the crops that have been lost and peoples' livelihood effected.

  2. AS a part land owner (through inheritance) on Hatzic Island, where the people are very concerned about those water levels, I went to my first meeting recently (can't remember what it was called) but I went to vote on the option of dredging the lake and installing a pump that would still allow for fish to go through etc etc.. Thre are always thoughts on both sides and it was intersting to see that. You surely would have enjoyed it, because the whole history of previous floods was given with some pictures etc. I should have asked you to come along. =)

  3. Too much water in your area and too little out West in the US. It is certainly a season where nature is wrecking havoc, Lovella. I will add the people of these flood areas to my prayers! Both fire and flood are so destructive!

  4. We did a tour of the Fraser River on a Sunday afternoon drive...though the bridge we checked out was east of the one you visited. I have faith in our dikes...but it's the people who live and farm outside of the dike that are in big trouble. Many corn fields are totally under water! Let's hope the high water threat is soon over...and that the sun comes out to dry the earth.

  5. Crazy year for weather that's for sure. Floods here and there and wildfires and heat... Summer's just starting and one can only pray and believe that things will improve. I have read some reports of lost crops and cars from your area. Life is hard for so many just now.

  6. BC has experienced some terrible flooding this past week as I have seen on tv. Some of the scenes are unbelievable! I'm going to call my sister in Chilliwack tonight as their home backs on a slough and I'm wondering if they have any problems. I hope the water levels soon go down for you all. We have had about 80 mm of rain this week in NB. Looking for some sunshine now. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Floods and fires - so much devastation. I'm praying too.

  8. Oh my - hope things level out where you are - too much rain there and we could use more here......

  9. Hopping over to Harrison right now...inspecting some damage as the dyke broke around the lagoon...

  10. My great grandmother was evacuated from the Mission flats in 1948. What a terrible flood that was. So glad the dikes are holding.

  11. We've been paying attention to all the reports, knowing that people will lose their crop and some may lose their homes. I'm glad that the dikes are holding so far!

  12. We have been watching the river levels too. The flood of 1948 was devastating for so many. We are concerned for those who are affected this year too.

  13. Isn't it amazing how one area has to much water and a time zone over they haven't enough? God has a plan.


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