on the first day of summer

summer began and the sun came out to bring warmth to my soul.
Dinner was laid outside on the small table in the sunshine and we sat out there until the sun went down.

It might have been a perfect day had I not learned of an illness of a woman I have known for many years.  Her parents and my parents worked together in the church kitchen during their retirement years.  Her Dad fixed our refrigerator more than once when we bought ourselves a lemon.
For several years I worked in an office where for a short while I took messages for her husband in the office across from ours.

We are not close friends in the way that we call to visit or chat on the phone....
 and yet I admire her greatly and have been blessed to have her pray with me.

I went to the barn and shared the news with my beloved..
and together we prayed.

All day I kept thinking of what it must be like to absorb the difficult news they have received.

Knowing their deep faith in the Lord ...
they will trust Him today as they did yesterday and the day before that.
We will be joined by thousands of believers praying that God would do a miracle and bring healing.
They will pray that above all else...God will be glorified and ask that his will be done.

In the days ahead...family and friends will rally around them. . . .
supporting ...encouraging...offering meals and showing them love as they have shown love to so many.

The first day of summer...

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all for now...