Happy Canada Day

Canada Day 2012

With much to be thankful for...
I give thanks to God for his provision and beauty that surrounds us...
and in freedom I  worship Him with awe and  joy.

Happy Canada Day!

all for now...


  1. "Oh, Canada!" Happy Canada Day to you and yours...

  2. Beautiful!!! We are so blessed in this country.

  3. Love your post today...and your header takes my breath away...GORGEOUS!!
    We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful country.

  4. Your header is beautiful. And your cake took my breath away today...so well put together and represents our colorful country. We also put up a new flag yesterday. I love flying our flags.

  5. Beautiful said and a beautiful mosaic! Blessings on this Canada Day to you and yours!

  6. Horray for the red and white! Great pictures. Lovella.

  7. Beautiful new header!

    I like your kind of Canada Day festivities...that include the flag and the family (and all the fotos, of course!).

  8. It is easy to take our freedoms for granted. The special day to celebrate and the visual prompts( such as the flag)remind us to take a moment and whisper a prayer of thankfulness.


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