foods class photography of '97

I came across these photos yesterday while I was looking through the photo album looking for blog material.
I paused for a bit and wondered why on earth I would have taken consecutive photos of meals in 1997.

I remembered then a school project that one of the boys had in Foods.
They had to make meals for a whole day and take pictures for a Food project.

It just makes me smile to think I was not the first in the family to make food and take pictures of it.

I also smile because that was back in the day...
when you did not take photos and quickly go look at them on the computer to see if you needed to try a different angle.
It was always a great surprise when you went to the store to pick up your photos.

I could go for a slice of his chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust.
I should call him up and see if he can still make it....
(if he ever did)

all for now...


  1. Before I forget...SUCH a lovely header with your glorious roses all on parade. Wow. My lonely little knock-out rose will never look like those handsome roses. Can one call a pink rose "handsome"?

    These photos are fun to see. What a great project your son's teacher thought of! My favorite photo is the first with all those yummy looking eggs in the pan. The second is wonderful, though I question the food wrap. Ha! Are you saying that he may not have done his own cooking? Are you saying that you may have done it for him? I just hope that his teacher isn't reading this!

    Such an interesting peek into the way things used to be done.

  2. Oh the days, and the expense of photo finishing. There you would be opening that package of pictures only to see some that were so blurry or someones head was cut off but the moment had passed and you will never have that time again.
    Hooray for the digital age.

  3. That is really funny for you to come across those! Makes me smile. Oh how we love our digital as opposed to film we had to wait for and be so careful with! Yikes...

  4. Your boys took foods class in high school. How cool! Seems funny to me that foods used to be a girls only class, then it either went by the wayside in my area along with other "skills" oriented classes, or became co-ed, and now the foodie movement has adults paying for upscale designer type cooking classes. We evolved!

  5. Yes - the "old" days before digital. I love the new cameras but find that I don't actually develop many pictures anymore and am afraid I'll lose something in the process??? I have a need for organizing this situation! So funny that you found these old food photos that your son did. He's a chip off the old block so to speak? Love your new header too!

  6. Wow! I think that he was better prepared for going out on their own than I was when I got married. Cooking classes are more of a lifeskill than most people would realize. I still think of how I learned how to make a white sauce in Home Ec and how that one skill goes with so many other things.
    Anyways... love your new header!

  7. I love your photo find!!!! I remember that adrenaline rush of getting photos back and that "surprise"! Isn't it fun to discover your food documentation of long ago!

    Rachel is in the kitchen with her friends making donuts. I've just whipped up a batch of the MGCC gluten free donuts and they are rising. Can't wait to taste them.

  8. Thanks for the idea. My 13 year old is learning a little cooking this year. It would be fun to show his wife and children someday what he can do.


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