cotton snow

It was snowing cotton here yesterday.

What started as a quick stop in at the farm...

became a dance in the snow.

At this age... 

there is no concern of allergies.

There is only joy living in the moment.

I smiled when her balls of cotton were noticed by the sparrows and
taken away.

She smiled too.


  1. Ahh the simple joys of the young. Love it!

  2. Those sparrows'll have her number! She looks so darling in her raincoat.

  3. Dandelions?

    Love the pink sneakers! :)

  4. Who knew we produce a bumper crop of cotton here in the Fraser Valley every spring? You captured the cotton harvest beautifully!

  5. I remember as a kid chasing those snow flakes as they drifted to the ground. Thanks for the reminder of the innocent joys of childhood.

  6. Funny! Readers have pointed out that we are on the same wavelength today.
    You've think that we could wave to each other out of back doors.... just a highway and a few too many cottonwoods blocking the view, I guess.

  7. How amazing, cotton snow...and lots of fun too! I bet all the bird nests around there are the most comfortable and cozy nests in the world.

  8. Our cotton fom cottonwood bloom is heavy here too. Great photos of free fun. Fisher Price can never out do nature for fun!

  9. How sweet....cotton snow. I remember being at your place during the cotton eyes were so itchy. Glad your little gal had no troubles with that....just fun!

  10. Delightful! Those sparrows are going to have the comfiest nests ever!!! Your pictures are wonderful Lovella!

  11. So sweet! Playing with 'snow' that doesn't freeze your fingers!
    It snowed at our house too! I've tried to think of something one could do with the pretty cotton fluff but I guess if you aren't building a nest, there aren't too many uses for it!


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