Wilderness Ready

Yesterday when he was gathering eggs I went in the barn to see how much longer he would be.
I was excited to give him his Father's Day gift.
He thought I looked like I was "up to no good".
I said..."no...I am excited to give you your present".

He said..."we don't do Father's day presents".

Curious then...
he turned off the egg packer and decided to come see.
I had it in the back of the car and opened the hatch to reveal the box.

He smiled.....and pulled the box out.

He opened the box in the shop and started to put together his Wilderness 12 pontoon boat.

I noted there was a basket in the back for a rider....or something.
Hmmm...or maybe my spot wil be attached to a air mattress towed behind. 

For all the rain we've had this last weekend...
we might not need to wait  for him to try it out properly this summer when we are camping.

Whether the fish he catches is big or small...
he will enjoy paddling around the lake.

It made me happy to surprise him!
For all those Father's Days he was happy without a present...
he has one to remember with a present!!!

all for now...


  1. Oh that's great! Beats a shirt and belt any day of the week. (Surely, you're not going to sit in that basket! =D Perhaps you need one, too!)

  2. How fun! Scot and I are both smiling and thinking that is real cook! He will make good use of that:)

  3. Oh, I looked at that and thought our boy in the East could find some good uses for it. Well done surprising your guy!

  4. what a great and unique gift idea....that is awesome!

  5. Oh . ..this is great! Was it not fun to surprise him like that?
    And if it keeps raining ... you can just park it by the house and whip over to the barn - no problem - to save the chicks.
    Camping will be a lot of fun with this new toy to take!
    (Looks like Kathy is thinking about cooking. I wonder why?)

  6. I can see him paddling around the beautiful lake where you two always camp...not sure I can see fish being caught at that particular lake though. Maybe he should drive down here with it. Then he can paddle AND get lots of fish too!
    Fabulous plotting for a great Fathers Day surprise Lovella. You are a genius!

  7. Lovella, you know how to give gifts that speak to the heart of your man!

  8. What a great gift! I've never seen one of these before but I'm sure your husband will get many hours of enjoyment from it.

  9. What a wonderful Father's Day gift! I can see many happy hours fishing on a lake in your husband's future, Lovella!

  10. It must have been fun to surprise your fella like that! There's no gift like the one that is just right for the recipient, and it looks to me like your husband and that boat were meant for one another!

  11. What a great gift! You definitely need to find a place to attach yourself and let him row you around the lake.

  12. The best kind of gift! One that he wasn't expecting...and one that suits him to a 'tee'. Have fun with it...both of you!

  13. Awww - what a nice Father's Day surprise for your man!!! He's going to always remember this one!


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