harrison hot springs family vacation 2012

Last year on June 23rd ...I snapped the photo above during our copper room family dinner.
We were 10 that year.

Exactly a month later...we became 11.

Time goes so fast...doesn't it?
Little Oh went from being safe under his beloved Mommy's heart in the pool...
 to sitting with his siblings...
kept safe by chubby hands in the waterfall exactly one year later.

We didn't know he would wear the most adorable baby curl...
or have a smile that cannot help but be reflected back to him.

We were also joined this year by Mom and Auntie Loretta.
Next year...they promise to bring swim suits...
it's been documented here.


The weather forecast had been watched way too often in the week.
"why?" he asked.
"I'm just curious" was my reply.
I do that...I watch the weather forecast from one event on my calendar to the next.
When will I stop?
I expect the same time my dad did.

The weekend couldn't have been lovelier...both in time spent and the weather outcome.
It even has provided us with a memory.

All day Saturday it was expected to shower and instead we were treated to lounge chair weather.
The sun was shining and my big plan to do the Grand photos in the outfits I purchased for just this occasion....was set for 5 pm.


We set this time...
specifically for the feeling of cooperation that post naptime provides..
and preluding dinner that fresh from the luggage outfits provides.

There is no photo of us walking down the stairs towards the beautiful gardens and the look of unbelief at the downpour that greeted us as we opened the doors.

We tried to set the children on the steps but ...
alas...when I have a vision ...
it is hard to reset my vision...
and the photography of our beautiful grands was postponed to a day sometime in the future...
when the post naptime cooperation, the outfits preluding dinner....
AND the weather...
are all in agreement.


Instead of taking photos..
the children ran around poles in the lobby and did not concern themselves about photography...
even when I mentioned to them...
that non flash photography with grammies point and shoot of children on the run...
is near impossible to make blog worthy.

Did I mention there were five this year?
Oh so cute!
They were greeted in our room by their swim cover ups that were the best investment I've made so far this summer.
(yes...I know that we are only into summer one week)

I didn't manage to capture all five dear little ones in one photo.
By the time I realized I didn't even have a decent photo of Grandgirlie and Little Miss Muffet...
they were gone to another event on Sunday.
So it goes!
This one does include my three favorite men..
three favorite little girls...
and one baby Oh.

Everyone had fun!
From the first time visitor to the ones that already remembered what we were talking about when the plans were set.

On Sunday they all went home and the two of us remained for one more night.
This morning we went for a last walk around the village and took in the scenery as adults often do.

The mountains in the background remind us that summer of 2012 has only just begun.
 I thank God for all the memories we were blessed to create.

all for now...


  1. How your family is growing! You've established a lovely tradition here and it's lovely that some grands now know what to anticipate. I could almost hear the splashing!

  2. Of course you had a fabulous time...with your favorite people at that lovely place! Whether you got 'the photo' or not...you all have the memories. You started a good thing.

  3. Time away with grownup children and the grandchildren is simply the best, isn't it?! And I know how you feel about the photo op that didn't work - it's such a challenge, isn't it? Our daughter who lives in NB is coming home with her brand new baby and three year old later this summer and I hope that I can get a family photo with our 4 children and their partners plus the eight grandkids - wish me luck!

    And your photos of this area make me want to come for a visit soon. I've been thinking about you as we follow news of the flooding in BC these days. Praying for God's protection to be over you all!

  4. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. There is nothing quite like the combination of summer and water.

  5. What a happy time with your family!

  6. Aren't you glad that somehow this trdtion was started? You probably did not even realize it when you all went there the first time, because one can plan for these kind of things but it is not always possible for them to come about. I am so happy for you ... even I watched the weather for you.

  7. A wonderful setting for family time! Glad the weather cooperated for other things...

  8. What a wonderful family time you had Lovella. Your grand kids are so cute! Harrison Hot Springs is a beatuful spot. Blessings, Pamela

  9. What a fun family time yours always has together. Love seeing the threesome with the baby brother. Each one is so cute and having such a fun time.

  10. Oh, they are all so cute - I could just about hear the squeals of laughter as they played in the lobby! What a fabulous family tradition. The love you have for your family is so evident here - blessings to you all!
    I also like how you and your husband stayed an extra night - a great example of how to enjoy some together time!

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful time up at Harrison. These are the years of enjoying those little ones and I can see that you packed alot of fun into your schedule. We will all be waiting for that perfect pose...yet to come.
    I'm getting used to down pours and maybe next time, just step up in gum boots and raincoats. We sure have had to work around our weather...I'm just like you...I'm watching the weather hourly hoping for some sunshine for some up coming events.
    What a wonderful post for your special friend.

  12. What fun!!! And what great memories everyone will have! I'm sorry you couldn't get your photoshoot :( Always disappointing -- it's so hard with kids, isn't it?! and naptimes.....those mountains are just gorgeous and Baby Oh is looking just like his brother.


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