house renovations

Did I make you look?
House renovations are in process but not in the house I sleep. herself a bigger pad...
and is getting herself a new roof for winter.

Maybe Otis was an outdoor  dog in the true sense that he seemed to thrive on inclement weather. making great strides in believing she is an outdoor dog.

It hasn't rained yet since she has lived on the farm and we suspect her attitude will suffer once the rain begins.

She is quite happy to sleep in this area at night.
When we leave the farm she is quite happy  resolved to waiting here for our return.
One of these days...
it will rain and then what?

Someone cares more about her than he is willing to admit....
and she knows it.

all for now...


  1. That last one is the cutest picture! She is a lucky dog!

  2. Such a sweet dog. That's the way my husband is about my son's dog -who we have been caring for going on 2 years - she loves my husband - sweet post. I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  3. Oh. I'm surprised with such dog love as this that she hasn't moved into the house, but then I remember that she is a guard dog after all.

  4. Kobe is really cute. I love her expressions and I think she'll get used to sleeping under her new roof.

  5. That's not a real puppy....???

    ((said in the same voice as the car commercial with the social networking daughter.)

    Kobee is a really handsome dog and I feel like a balance has been restored in the universe now that you have a dog once again.

  6. She really is a sweet dog. I'm glad she will have her head covered when the rains come...

  7. It's interesting how they become part of the family. I would of suggested that you made a nice bed for her in the house!!!!!

  8. What a cute post Lovella! She truly is a lucky dog and I can tell by the way she looks at you (the camera) that she loves you too! Her house is pretty spiffy!

  9. Hope you don't mind this question, but why does this dog have to stay outside? It looks like a well-behaved dog. Will it be warm enough in the winter?

    1. Thank you for asking. I would prefer that than have you wonder if we are cruel? This puppy was born in the Yukon and the owners that kept the dog inside looked for a home where the dog could run on a farm and enjoy fresh air. She has a thick healthy coat and loves it outside. We live in the warmest climate in Canada. Our veterinarian saw no concerns with our plan for her sleeping arrangements.
      Our last german shepherd slept in a dog house for 15 years and even when it snowed, refused to stay inside if we coaxed him in.
      I hope this alleviates your concerns.

  10. She is well loved! I may even find myself liking her:) I'm glad she will be warm and dry during the winter months.

  11. Wow! Her place is really big. How lucky can she get and she has an additional roof on her head. Such a lucky canine.
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  12. What a lovely home for your pup! Our good friends had a Siberian Husky and she would curl up outside, with her nose tucked under her tail, as cosy as can be, with the snow falling all around. She had a doghouse and a barn but she liked outside.

  13. I guess Kobe thinks she's permanently 'home' on the farm now? What dog wouldn't love the life she has .. Wow! such a luxurious pad with all a dog could wish for!
    We had a German Shepherd who loved nothing better than sleeping stretched out on the snow, disdaining the warm dog house that was built for him.


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