labour day weekend festivities and kobe's doggie bag

 We were treated so kindly this weekend.
Supper with siblings...
always special and beautifully set on Saturday evening.
Delicious food and a visit that warms the heart. a good thing.

The annual wiener roast with dear friends on Sunday night!
It's become the invitation we look forward to at the end of each summer.
We love the small get together and the chance to catch up with those we don't often see.

Dinner on Monday night at Tim and Flo's where no matter how much time has passed...
we never feel the distance and the welcome is always true and the entertainment is free.

When we left...
they sent a present home for Kobe.

We bought some delicious chicken sausage for ourselves...
and took home Ground Chicken Backs for the pup.

Yesterday afternoon we opened the package and offered him one of the frozen chicken treats.

He has probably never had a frozen treat before so it took a bit of experimenting with his tongue to get used to the sensation.

Once he had a taste..
he worked on that chicken puck until there was not a speck left on the lawn.

When he was finished his snack...
he rolled around the grass and had himself a nap.

We'll be going back for more frozen chicken pucks for our pup.
I can't believe we are actually buying special raw ground organic food for a dog...
but then we have never had such a good pup before.

all for now..


  1. I am trying to figure out how to comment on your new blog layout. I do find it so important to let you know just how much I enjoy my visits here. Time and time again, I leave with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, from my time spent here. You must have good friends, that they would send a gift home with you for your dog.

    Your gardens and yard look so beautiful! I really wish I could smell and see in person, your David Austin roses. Wow! They are gorgeous!

  2. He is a very handsome pup and doing a great job of being a good watchdog, too, I'm sure. He deserves that frozen chicken patty.

    Lovely times shared with friends and family and, just because summer is drawing to a close, doesn't mean that there won't be many more happy times with those you love. Nope, you're a very outgoing, happy, social couple!

  3. So nice to treat you pup like that! He's a gorgeous dog. End of summer wiener roasts are the best with friends and family!

  4. Fun times...old friends...good food..and even doggie bags for the doggie! It sounds like a great long weekend all around.

  5. Your dog is being spoiled...but what does that looks like you were spoiled by some great visits this weekend. We all need a little of that too.

  6. I am loving your posts about Kobe! He looks like such a great doggie! Isn't it so funny when they roll on their backs in the grass? The look so happy when they do that!

  7. Glad the pup is working out so nicely! It's great to have friends that you can catch up with in an evening!!

  8. Oh yes squeeze out every lovely moment of summer!! We're doing the same here in the east :)

    Your new pup is really enjoying that treat! Sophie likes the occasional chewy bone - she gets so excited.

    Like your new format Lovella.

  9. He looks like a pup that deserves some treats!
    What a special weekend of you being treated as well!
    Did you ever find out who dropped off the gift?

  10. It has been awhile since I visited but, I like the new format.

  11. I am so glad you have a great dog again. I'd love to bring Kobee a doggie lollipop treat!

  12. That table looks so inviting. Good eats for you...and Kobee.

  13. So glad he enjoyed that chicken puck! He is a beautiful 'pup' - he looks quite big already - Love, Flo!

  14. I didn't know you adopted a dog! He looks wonderfully happy - I wonder if he realizes what a great home he has?!


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