Auntie's 50th Anniversary

We hurried back on Sunday morning to attend the 50th anniversary party of
my favorite auntie and uncle.

My mom was the oldest girl in the family..
and she was the youngest girl in the family.

I was invited to the represent my mom and I was so honoured to attend.

Their children put together a beautiful album of memories that even included tiny me seated by the bride.

Still beautiful...
the bride still fit into her dress for a picture op with a bouquet of fresh roses.
This flower girl..
brought her little dress.

They have blessed so many in their life together.
I have always and still am proud to be her niece.
May God continue to bless them and their family in the years to come.

all for now...


  1. Congratulations to the happy, handsome, and blessed couple! And what cute photos, Lovella. The last one just makes me grin. You have your little pink dress. The bride can still wear her gown (she must have refashioned the sleeves)so much to smile about! Thanks for sharing the party with us!

  2. I'll come back and see if one of those comments disappears. For some crazy reason, it doubles up on me. I'll tap lightly with this one...maybe.

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  4. Congratulations to your Auntie and Uncle. I know how much you love and appreciate them. What an honour for you to celebrate with them.....dress and all. Very sweet....and to think after 50 years she still can wear her dress....she looks lovely.

  5. How great is that!? Congratulations to your favorite Auntie and uncle. That's amazing that you still have that little dress...

  6. That is stunning. A wedding dress 50 years ago...and you were how old? And you still have that dress. Very special to be able to sit there in honor of your mother.

  7. I can't believe you still have that dress . . . thanks to your mom first of all, probably. What a blessing to celebrate 50 years! I also kept looking at that wedding dress and, like someone said, she must have redone the sleeves at some point. The oldest wedding dress in my family would be mine, with all the moves the generations had before me.

  8. How special...that you still have your dress...and that she still fits into hers! And to help celebrate 50 years of marriage of a favorite aunt and uncle is most special as well. Congrats to them!

  9. Lovella, I guess you, unlike the bride, no longer fit your little dress ?
    A special post for a special aunt, who is also MY favourite aunt !


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