The Labor Day Flour...Flower Tour

You know you have been spending too much time in the kitchen when you spell flour and mean flower.  It is then time to head out to do some deadheading and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

The Anemone is such a dependable perennial. 
All summer long it grows healthy foliage and by mid July it is sending out long graceful stems and buds that reach above all the other flowers.  I prune this plant to keep it in check because it takes over if I let it.

The Sedum is beginning to color.  This perennial also is so easy to grow and every spring I transplant its babies to areas that need a bit of filler. In August it begins to develop large heads of tiny blossoms that open up late August to display it's Autumn color.  

Here is the garden from the other end.  You can see the Anemone on the far end.
My hanging basket is still loving its sot under the Tulip tree.
At this end of the garden the Sedum has taken over when the Peony finished it's spring display.

This summer the roses did exceptionally well.  With a dry August the pests stayed at bay and the leaves stayed healthy and the buds have opened beautifully once again.
This rose is a David Austin Rose called Abraham Darby.  I have two of the same rose.
It's fragrance is so beautiful.  
Behind the rose is the Limelight Hydrangea blooming.
I love Hydrangeas and wouldn't mind an entire garden.

This time of year I usually plan what colours I want to plant my annuals next spring.

Are you still enjoying your Summer garden?

OH....and did you notice my new template?
I was having Blogger troubles and was not able to make any changes to my colours etc and finally tried to change the template.  Once I changed to a new template...the colours were happy to change again.
It was a 4 hour exercise on Saturday that I did not need since I was working on today's MGCC post at the same time...
and that is when I decided to go take flour flower photos.

So...try the different views on the top left hand corner...
and let me know which one is your favorite.
Now that I've made the switch to the new template...
I'll be staying.

Happy Labour Day!  

All for now..


  1. Your end of the season garden is still so lovely. Love your Sedum. I have to put some in my yard...I say that every year:)
    I like your new look!

    1. Thanks Kathy. Next spring you come come get a bunch of baby Sedum from me Kathy. One tiny sprout grows into a lovely plant.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. OH sorry Ellen. Your comment was still showing twice on my blog so I deleted one and it deleted both. I'm so sorry.

  3. We are continuously being challenged...and I love your new template...I have looked at those various layouts...and I love the Magazine...that way if you have missed a few days, you can quickly glance through and catch up.
    Flours are therapy for me...and now is such a beautiful time as we wtch them bloom for one more month..prior to the rains and frost.

  4. Yes, I have been having great troubles with Blogger and am ready to just give up the ghost. What did you change your template to?

    I wonder if this has anything to do with them wanting us all to go to the dynamic views that they keep touting, but which I do not want. This is a nice look, though I do miss your beautiful header.

    1. Vee, this is the dynamic view. It is so smooth to work with. I was surprised how many options there actually was. The only thing I miss is not having my usual sidebar options or including photos in the header or sidebar. I would switch this to the MGCC in a heartbeat if they included those options.

  5. I think I prefer the magazine view. I like how it shows a snapshot with each post. It's a quick glance at your recent posts, in case I missed one along the way. Incidentally, since i was able to view your blog that way, I noticed that there were a couple posts I missed earlier in July. I think that might be because I was so busy preparing for our northwest trip! :-) As someone else noted, I do miss your lovely photo header. But if this is easier and more user friendly, by all means, go for it!

  6. It looks like we are all enjoying our gardens today! I love late summer blooms.

    Dynamic view? Hmmm. I must check that out.

  7. I do like this view you have now. It's pretty and clean with the background foggy scene .. when I clicked on options for classic ... I felt like I was changing your blog. Strange feeling. I was scared to try another view. =) What do you do about sidebar things? No options for that?
    I get what you mean about flour ... I have called potting soil flour ....and I noticed Marg say something about flours in her comment.
    Oh... I'm wondering now if I will have trouble changing my header... I have not been able to upload a tray of photos to blogger for a while now. Had to go back to an old way I used. So they seem to have ways and means to make changes for us. =)

  8. Anneliese, I am not able to have a header photo which I don't really mind. With putting fresh pictures on my blog with each post it isn't really a necessary thing for me. The sidebar comes out on the right hand side when you scroll over it...but again, I can't put any photos on the sidebar which I do miss.
    OH..and before you spend anymore precious time trying to put your photos in a tray. None of us can do that it seems. I talked to Marg yesterday and she thought the problem was with her. The quickest way I find to post photos is to send them to a picasa album and then upload them directly from the blog when I am writing the post. It is quite quick that way.

  9. Hi Lovella!

    I have been having trouble with Blogspot lately myself, as I'm finding it doesn't work well with Internet Explorer any longer. I switched to the Safari browser with better reults. I do like your new look and I tried out all the selections. It was fun to see your posts in different ways but I like "classic" the best.

    Your garden looks so pretty! In like sedum and have to find out if it is deer resistant as many deer will be visiting my yard next year. ;)

    1. Pat, thanks for visiting! I did a quick check and it looks as though Sedum is a good plant for you. I read in a forum that the deer didn't go for it much. There are different types of sedum so it is worth a look. You must be getting excited!

  10. Such gorgeous flowers and immaculate yard...I was gone for over 3 weeks and you DO NOT want to see my garden right now! Quite happy enjoying YOUR garden pics!


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