the tomato race

I have been picking cherry tomatoes for awhile now...
but only picked my first ripe tomatoes this week.

The plum tomatoes are still growing.
So far so good...
but if the rain that we've not missed  (very much)...
comes back...
I'll be looking for green tomato recipes.

What is your favorite green tomato recipe?

The rest of the garden is nearly harvested.

How is your garden doing?


  1. Seems that tomatoes are the topic of the week. I discussed mine yesterday. I'm hoping for another week without frost because I'm not a fan of relish or fried green tomatoes. I like'em ripe and juicy and sweet. Hope that you get plenty of whatever you like best!

  2. My plants all need a good watering today since they haven't been watered since I was in California...oops!
    No tomatoes here!

  3. Our blackberries appear to be frozen in time. The grapes are not doing well and the plum tree took a break too. But you were talking vegetables ... and they are not doing well either. I have a bridge and some pretty bushes and a tree where my vegetable garden used to be.

  4. My garden is so good this year...corn, raspberries, black berries, and tomatoes. Each day I take my walk and enjoy them....Those tomatoes could not of had a better year for heat units eh? I have never made anything with green tomatoes. I leave them ripen on the counter and they can last up to a month.

  5. My tomato plants got blight back in the rainy season...and so I pulled them. I wasn't vigilant enough in watering this past my garden is looking a little sad!

    I've always left my tom's on the counter to ripen...rather than cooking them up green. No good green tomato recipes in this corner!

  6. Here in north central SK, we always pick our tomatoes green and let them ripen in a box in the basement....our season is shorter and cooler than yours. Take heart! There is hope!

  7. It has been raining here for the last few days and I am seeing the leaves turn many brilliant colors. Your photography is so beautiful! I really like your new blog look and I am still smiling about the way you worded the post about the dog house roof. Always a joy to visit here.

  8. Brought in the last of the tomatoes (we've had frost at night already!). Mine ripened late this year too. But when I have green tomatoes, I do love green tomato relish, fried green tomatoes and green tomato cake. Looks like you still have time and good weather for the tomatoes to ripen! Enjoy!


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