a visit to the animal hospital

Never say never.
We've never had a dog that was privileged to sit inside the cab of our truck.

Kobe hadn't had a ride since she came to live with us and she took one giant leap to get into the truck and sat looking out the window with such interest that it made us laugh. 

She was so excited about the outing..
where ever it was going.

She can't read...

at all.

She hopped on the scale.

She was in a hurry to meet the doctor.

She took her needle like a pro...
ate her fair share of treats...
and happily went back home.

She is now protected from Rabies.

I feel better.

all for now..


  1. She is so cute! And I love how our dog hops into the van when we ask her if she wants to go for a ride...she hops right in and sits on one of the seats and looks out the window, just as you described Kobe did! It always makes me laugh!

  2. Ya just have me smiling here! I'm glad she's good to go!

  3. Oh, how the life of a dog takes on new meaning...and becomes another member of the family. Tell me what dog doesn't like to go on family outings.

  4. Ha! I'm glad she had no idea about that shot! Cute pup!

  5. Smiling here! When does she get to ride in the blue truck?

  6. Not at all? Well that's just as well, isn't it? What a cutie and a trooper and any time a dog loves the vet it's a good day. You should see Molly. She knows the minute that we turn the corner that life is not going to be good.

  7. Woah! Your blog has changed! I like the new look. You have a very good dog. We have to take ours to the vet's house (where he also has a clinic) and he has to be checked while outdoors as our dog detects way too many other animal smells and goes nuts and wants to relieve himself inside! Not a good scene at all. He also seems to know where we are driving to and gets very anxious and whines all the way.

  8. I too am glad that Kobe is good to go....but are you sure she can't read? I swear, I sometimes feel like our dog is eavesdropping and knows exactly what we're saying. And it's not too big a leap to think that maybe, just maybe, she can read too! :o)

  9. Our Sophie loves to drive in the car - she's not so good-natured about the vet. A little on the timid side. your Kobo looks quite happy!

  10. She seems to feel right at home already! So great how she trusts you to take good care of her.


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