packing room

The littlest lad is enjoying learning about what happens in the barn.
We say this one has a song in his heart the way he does a jig every time he hears three of four notes strung together.

It is at these moments that we wonder what his God given heart rythme will result in.

Fascinated by the click clacking of the packing machine..
he watches the eggs come up and around and then miraculously come together on a tray.

Where do those eggs all come from?
Not from his rooster...
that is for sure.

all for now..


  1. Now that expression on his face looks as if he is listening to the most inspired music and he's listening to how the eggs are being packed? Too cute! Terry does all the egg packing?

    1. Vee, I used to gather when Terry still worked full time as a grocery clerk. The first 10 years on the farm he worked full time off the farm. The boys of course were still at home and they gathered eggs every day after school. I gathered them in the morning. Back then we gathered eggs in the hen house. is Terry's job and he quite enjoys it. We have a family sized farm so one person can run it. We have someone come in 2 days a week to give us a break.

  2. How fun to enjoy the uniqueness of each of your grands. So much to see and hear in that packing room!

  3. He is SO cute!!! OH my. :-) That is a fascinating process, the egg packing.

  4. Oh, so cute! That rooster is being very good!

  5. The rooster seems quite happy to have his comb stroked! Too cute.

  6. He's adorable - wondering if maybe you'll have a grand_band_boy!


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