the sunday spread

I have shown this chenille bedspread to you before..
I'm sure.

It was my mom and dad's sunday bedspread as long as I remember and is without a stain, tear and is not loosing its chenille.

I found this little quilt at the MCC relief sale.
Another labor of love.

The embroidery was so similar to things my mom used to do.
This exact bow was hand stitched on my oldest nephew's birth certificate.
I'm not sure who she all did the stitch embroidery for.
By the time our boys came along she had "advanced" to liquid embroidery.
I'll have to dig them out one day and see if the pattern was similar.

I've always liked bows...
and I think she must have too.

all for now...


  1. You have your moms sentiment within. Her spread is so lovely. A Sunday spread....that is so special. I love your new addition. It's a beauty! I got to see it up close...many hours of sticking went into it. Maybe someone reading your blog will know it's history.

  2. What a wonderful find and purchase Lovella! Now that's a lovely thing to do...a Sunday spread.

  3. When we had a large crowd in, my mom would put their coats and jackets on her bed. I'm wondering if that's why your mom had a Sunday Spread? It's very lovely and the quilt you found matches perfectly!

    1. Yes Kathie...that is precisely what she did. I never thought of that being the reason but it makes sense!

  4. That chenille bed cover is beautiful. My mother had a "Sunday Spread" too. Those were the days when "company" came along home from church for Sunday dinners and indeed the coats were laid on the bed. The embroidery on the little quilt is beautiful and reminds me of my aunties handiwork. Beautiful memories!!

  5. Beautiful...both the Sunday spread and your new acquisition! I remember the days when guests coats went on the bed. A good memory!

  6. Very pretty...your room is lovely. Do you use this spread only on Sundays? I'm not familiar with the concept of a Sunday spread. Is it because visitors would be in the home more on Sunday?

  7. Youm mom's embroiderey was so much like my mom's and I think khe liked bows too. I have to have her dig out some of her things one day and be sure they don't go to MCC.

  8. They are both so pretty, Lovella.
    The term Sunday Spread is new to me, but so very sweet.
    I enjoyed reading the comments about the reason for that name. It brought back memories of when my parents would have guests and all of the coats would be placed on the bed. Haven't thought about that in years.

  9. Your spreads are lovely! Never heard of a Sunday spread but I like the idea! Another way to make Sunday special.....


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