Mennonite Relief Sale 2012 and the Show and Shine

On Saturday morning...
Kathy and I were at the Mennonite Relief Sale bright and early with front row seats to see how much the signed copy of our MGCC book would fetch in donations.
It was wonderful to take in a rare Saturday morning to do something just for fun...
leaving our work behind.

They begin each auction with the Bread of Life bid.
It has been reported that Abbotsford is the most giving city in Canada.
I believe it.
Once the report on this years sale is verified I will share it.

Updated at 9:30 AM....the unverified total is $650,000.

The book?
Went for $1200.

More needs will be met by the generosity of people.
Thanks to so many of you for sharing our dream.

I came home with my own goodies which I will photograph today and share with you tomorrow.

On Sunday morning we were invited to bring our truck to another local church for their fall kick off.
I take over a bit of the show...
with my own artistic display in the back...

And he displays what is under the hood of the truck...
in the front.

It was a very good weekend.
I hope you had a great weekend as well.

all for now... 


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  2. Lovella and Kathy - you gals look great and how fantastic that your book sold for such a fabulous price!! You have done so much to make a huge difference in so many peoples lives!!!

    Love your sweet truck and especially the very artistic display in the "boot"!!!

  3. That is a clever way to display MGCC. What a great curiosity builder. What a blessing for one book to have raised $1200! Glad that you and Kathy were there to see it happen.

  4. I love your display idea in the back of the truck. That's why he chose a truck not a car ....right?:)

  5. That little Abbottsford keeps giving generously!
    And I see how greatly the township is blessed too...

  6. I'm your truck-box display. Love it! Amazing, what a loaf of bread or a signed cookbook can fetch when it's for a cause! It was a fun time...the MCC Sale 2012.

  7. Wish I could have gone, but so good to hear how much was raised!

  8. Awesome...that cookbook just keeps on giving!


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