Last evening we watched a Canadian documentary show called the Passionate Eye reflecting back on the events of 9/11.

Phone conversations between trapped loved ones and those they held most dear.
Voices left on answering machines or in some cases not recorded but recalled now by those left behind...
like it was only last year instead of 11 years ago.

Brave voices... desperate voices...
hurried voices... voices of heroes...
resigned voices... reassuring voices..
all communicating with those they loved for the last time.

It was still very early in the morning here on the west coast when the towers fell.

For one day...
nothing else mattered but what was happening to our neighbours to the south.

We remember with you..
and reflect on how it has changed our world.

all for now...

all for now...


  1. Those kinds of programs are so difficult to watch...

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  3. (Sorry for the delete above. After I posted my comment, it showed that there were 2 identical comments made by me, so I deleted. But then I refreshed and it didn't show up.)

    Thank you for your neighborly love. :-) This will always be a difficult day for us. No matter how long ago it happened, the memories are still so vivid and shocking. Thankful though that God brought hope to our fearful and saddened hearts.

  4. You have expressed what we all feel. The morning is still fresh in my mind. Standing in the living room transfixed by the news. Just watching in disbelief. Just watching and watching as if it might change something.

  5. This morning I thought about it again and realized it is a day of rememberance, and pray it will never become a day of celebration for those who wish us banished.

  6. It's amazing how those memories can come up fresh every year. I hope we never have to experience that kind of day again.

  7. Thanks you for posting this .. this reminder of how one day changed for all of us -
    bringing a new reality to us. May God continue to comfort those for whom life truly changed forever.
    Visiting New York last year is a memory that will stay with me for a long time to come.

  8. I'm sure we all know exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard. I was working in my school library and heard it through the open door of the computer lab where someone had left a TV on. So shocking and tragic.

  9. I remember vividly that day 11 yrs. ago like it was yesterday. I watched the same program that you watched and cried through the whole thing....The flight attendant on Flt. 93 that went down in Pa. was from Greensboro, a neighbor from my town of High Point, NC....I also had a friend that was involve with the rescue and recovery at the Pentagon...He said it was awful....
    Thank you for posting this...
    Love from NC

  10. I too remember standing in work with many of my co workers...such sadness, such unbelief. Thank you for posting...those who lost loved ones will forever be grateful that their loss has not been forgotten.


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