feeding the team

Every hardworking team needs a bit of sweet to keep energy up...

Before the energizer treat cooking began...
there was coaching on the safety requirements from the head chef.
She went on and on about fire and burns and getting the team home safe and sound.

When she was finished her long winded fire drill...
they plunked themselves down on the gravel as true campers are known to do.

The head chef sat in her recliner with the graham crackers and her secret stash of chocolate and they tasted the ooey gooey delights of outdoor cooking.

Like I said...ooey gooey.

When the head chef and the team coach noticed that they were getting sticky just being in the vicinity...
it was suggested that they sit at a distance and consume their energizer treats.

To be fair to the head chef...
it was not all about energizer treats.

Apples were nibbled round and round to the core.

Oh dear...caught again.  Let's just say that the Fishies were part of the Lone Duck Pond field trip...
since the real fish were not big enough to fry in the pan either.

The best thing about being the head chef of team Grands...
is that they love food and didn't mind suggesting what should be next on the menu.
Basically....the chef did not need to think.

The other wonderful part of team Grands...
was that they believed that making their own food was fun.

They had chairs...
but the coach decided that little bottoms are more likely to stay still on the ground.

The head chef had the good sense to pack along a box of local peaches.
I have to say here...
kudos to the mothers that don't peel fruit for their children.

It was never suggested...
and I didn't give them the idea either.

I just realized that I have not had an apricot platz yet this summer.

Another wonderful picnic down at Lone Duck Pond menu was crackers and cheese and locally made sausage.
Doesn't it seem like a breeze to feed this team?

This team was not only a pleasure to cook for...
they were also willing to find a soft spot now and then for their bottoms...
which made the head chef...
so happy.

all for now...


  1. What a beautiful spot you were in there!

    The food sounds just right for little ones. :-) I was eyeing that locally made sausage, remembering how yummy that was!

  2. Sounds wonderful...all of it. One little grand had got quite a scrape. I see that it didn't diminish her enthusiasm.

  3. The weather looked great for all these team eats and sports. Wonderful memories forever...

  4. The best kind of camping trips...where the team helps with the cooking! It looks like a fun time all around.

    We took an apricot platz to Shuswap...the 'once-a-year-must-have'.

  5. Wow. What a great day for camping. Its really fun to have bonfire and cook your foods in it. Every child should experience it to keep in memory.

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  6. I love this! It's fun to peek into your campsite.

  7. Sweet on several levels and feeding both body and soul I think.


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