Far...and Near

Yesterday at 4 pm in the afternoon the big truck backed into the driveway of...
lil' farm-hand, kanneloni-macaroni and Little-Oh.

Some families move because they want a new house...
or more space...
because they want to be near.

This family was weary of "far".
Everyone except for the best back yard neighbor family ...
was excited.

Guess what I was in charge of?

The kitchen table was placed in the middle of the front yard and I set up shop.
I don't think these three children have ever had such an entertaining meal ....

Once the front yard entertainment supper for all who drove by was finished and the house had lost it's furniture...
the cleaning began.

The big truck was loaded to the rafters and the crew was ready to drive to "near".

It seemed fitting that the sun was setting as the big truck drove with the menfolk down the yard into the valley.

The ladies stayed behind to finish cleaning.
Floors were mopped...baseboards were washed and appliances were left spotless.

She has never stood in this room alone with the floor completely bare.
She has lived here since the day she was born.
I thought she might feel sad....
but "near"...

is better than the only bedroom she has ever known.

The last item to be packed?

The flower clippers.

There have been so many beautiful memories made in the "far" house.
Everything truly important (except for their best ever back yard neighbors)....
fit into boxes and the memories their hearts hold.

The little jeep drove off into the sunset.
It will be back...
even if the drive is "far".
Best ever back yard neighbors are worth the drive.

Once the coolers were moved into the new house...
I served night lunch.

After they all ate their full...
I showed them my watch.
It is not often little children stay up so late.

Will they forget that  they once lived "far"?

Living "near"...
will be a good thing.

all for now...


  1. Lovely home that they left behind...lovely home where they arrived. Many blessings on their home.

    Those children have so much personality. Too cute for words and Little Oh getting right into the cleaning that way is just spectacular.

  2. 'Near' is a dream for me - so happy for you that it is a reality!

  3. That is so exciting!!!! I have no idea the distances of "far" and "near" but I am taking your word for it that this is a good thing! As I child I always found moving very exciting! I hope the grandchildren love their new home!

  4. My near and dear are 25 minute drive away - my dear and far are an ocean apart - so glad for Skype!

  5. So happy for you all...that near is a reality! Cute post.

  6. Ahh yes, near is very good for now! Blessings on their new home and neighborhood!

  7. What a neat post....filled with great memories for years to come. The kids will enjoy this post when they are a little older. I like where you set the picnic up.....I can imagine the fun and the hard work:) You are good parents!:) I know you both love lending a hand to your family....that's what family does!

  8. Such a fun post Lovella! Beautiful home they left (and spotless too - so nice for those moving in) and gorgeous new home that is near! Love how they brought the flowers and already have them on the kitchen table! Your grands are so adorable!

  9. Lucky you to have your kids near by. Grammy and Papa will enjoy that as much as the kids and grands.

  10. I don't really know why, but this post brought tears to my eyes. Seeing K in that bare room reminded me of Lacey looking at their bare LR just before they moved to "far".
    I'm so happy for you to have them "near"

  11. Cute post Lovella. I can just envision all the prep/clean up that had to be done and what a wonderful support you have been. They will love the NEAR and so will you.
    You may sometimes look for Far Away times for yourselves.....

  12. Congrats to all of you! Living near is going to be wonderful.


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