Meet Kobee!
Truth be told...her name tag says...Kobe but with our grandpup named Tobee...we may as well keep things simple and as far as I can tell...she can't read.

Isn't she cute?

She came to visit yesterday to see if she would enjoy farm living.
She decided to spend the day...
and later decided to try a sleep over  (outside..like a big farm dog)

As I write this ...
she is tucked in her new dog house and is sleeping after her busy day.

She is still a baby recently new to British Columbia from the Yukon.
I can't help but think that Otis would have been rather fond of this girl.

It is time again for a farm dog.
We think she is a good fit..
and we hope she won't be missed too much..
but if she is..
I'll understand why.

all for now...


  1. How fun! She looks very friendly! I'm sure we'll be hearing more about her adventures!

  2. What a fine farm dog with beautiful markings. What breed? Is she for companionship and keeping the fox away? What breed? How do you enjoy this grilling first thing in the morning? =D The grands are going to love her, too.

  3. That dog is smiling!
    I hope she has a good bark so that anyone contemplating a little larceny in the farm yard will be scared off.

  4. Welcome Kobe to the family...he looks like he best fits in...
    I sure hope this dog is not wheat free, but can eat some good Mennonite scraps.
    Some dogs even came to our wedding, uninvited...

  5. She is beautiful Lovella! Oh, how I miss my farm dogs....right now we have a Cairn Terrier "house" dog that we love, but we always had a farm dog in the past and I really miss that! German Shepherds are my absolute favourite too. We've had some amazing ones and one that was not so amazing. Hope she loves her new digs - sounds like she's settling in nicely.

  6. Gorgeous dog with pumpkin eyebrows and a tongue that comes with an artful design! I think grand kids really enjoy having a pet to play with at their grandparents and the pet is a great conversation starter too. I still miss Otis and Tiggie. Hope they have had a few hang out times together up in heaven!

  7. Oh she looks so friendly and happy to be with you - your grands are going to love having another playmate.

  8. Every farm needs a dog...of course! I agree with Pondside...she is smiling. Welcome to Kobee.


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