my circle of friends

Whether our friends are near or far...
what matters most is that we are all heading in the same direction and holding onto one another during the journey.

Isn't friendship just the most wonderful gift from God?
I was thinking of the varied friendships in my life.

I have casual friendships that I value.  We may not get together socially outside the hairdressing chair or the manicure chair and yet I have come to depend on those girls for a one on one chat that belongs to us  alone.

I have friendships that have formed within ministry in church that makes me look forward to the fall programs beginning again.  We work together and share a common gift of ministry and though it takes a bit of our is an investment worth every moment. There are church friends that are such  givers of their hospitality and words of encouragement.
  They are a moments notice and will stay as long as it takes.

I have friendships that are connectors within our family.  
Sharing children and grandchildren gives us a special bond and blessing in knowing our families are not loved and cared for by us alone.

I have friends that have stuck with me when I have been lovely and not so lovely.
We have seen each other at our best and worst and I'm not just talking about our hairdo's.
We have found a gift in knowing we are all going to make mistakes and there is such joy in forgiveness and the rich relationship that comes out of that.

I have my blogging friends that truly trust that I am sincere when I share moments in my life.
We have come to respect each other because our lives are open and vulnerable and sometimes open to criticism.  I've been blogging nearly six years and rather than feeling like I've lost precious time when I could be doing "important" things...I've seen that God led me to this place of sharing what is on my heart and perhaps I am able to encourage others in the process.

Last but not least...
I have my Mennonite Girl friends who came to me out of an invitation and stayed out of a common desire to do something that none of us could accomplish alone.
Sometimes God gives friendships and blessings that at some point intersect to become something unique and beautiful and worth more than words could convey.

Beyond these groups is family which means more than anything this world offers.
I think I need a Hallmark card to say it right...
the things my heart holds tonight.

all for now...


  1. I am so pleased to be one of your blog friends! :-)

  2. God was very good to all of us when He brought us together. So thankful for our friendship. Blessings...

  3. I am thankful that we share both bond and friendship unique to this world and precious to the 10 of us...<3

  4. Sweetie, you could be writing Hallmark cards. ☺♥☺ This is a beautiful post; I am particularly fond of paragraph seven. That photo makes me grin!

  5. I'm happy to be a blog friend! You've said this so well. I wish I had more time for taking care of my friendships - sometimes it is hard, due to the other pressures that come in life.

  6. What a blessing friendships are!!

  7. My thoughts wre along what Vee said, that this IS a Hallmark card!
    I am so blessed to be in those paragraphs somewhere ... I put myself into a few of them because I wanted to. =)
    So thankkful for the way that our paths have crossed several times in life's journey. I can't imagine not being on the same one any more.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to freindships. I am so blessed to be one of your blog friends. You have encouraged me in more ways than you will ever know! And, yes, you could be writing Hallmark cards - this one has touched me deeply!

  9. Beautifully said, Lovella! You are rich in many friendships and have spread your joy among them and all your blog readers! I'm thankful for YOU!

  10. That is a fabulous photo! How fun and happy you all look!
    Your words about friendship are so poignant and you've outlined the various facets of friendship so well.
    I enjoy your blog posts immensely, and the sincerity that you convey. Your blog is a real blessing!

  11. Lovella
    I love the photo of you and your friends.
    It's so wonderful how the Lord has
    used blogging to connect us with a whole world of friends we could never otherwise know.
    Your post was such a blessing!

  12. So true...frirndships are a most wonderful gift from God!

  13. I too am very grateful for the smorgasbord of friendship circles in my life. Very thankful for you blogosphere buddies!


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