the grill stone giver

We came home the other day and found this box on our porch.
I thought maybe my beloved knew something about it...
so I enquired but he knew nothing.

We thought there might be a note inside...

Perhaps the note blew away?

We are curious and curiouser.

Do tell!

We'll have you over for some grilled goodness.

I was ready to start grilling but then it was suggested that it could be rather awkward if we're dining on succulent shrimp and veggies when the giver shows up.

We fear that the stone grill giver will realize the error in the delivery to the wrong door so we hesitate to...
 go grillyisious.  

We have come up with various ideas...
knowing our friends as we do.

all for now...


  1. Well whoever sent it to you knew it would be used well. Hope they reveal themselves soon before summer is over! :0)

  2. Scot says I should say it was us:) ....but it was not. What a nice gift....I like the element of surprise. Supper looks good! Enjoy the new stone.

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  4. Oops! You are one lucky girl! We sold them at our corn festival last weekend, and obviously after watching the tasty demo of grilled corn and steak bites, someone thought you deserved one. I wrote about them in my last newsletter, here's the link to it
    Mine now has a permanent home on the grill. Sadly, I was not the thoughtful friend!
    (sorry, I deleted my first post, big spelling mistake!)

  5. We saw there was a big thing ahppening at the Lepp Farm Market last Sunday, but we did not stop... so we did not buy anything to drop off at your house. Too bad.

  6. Sorry, it wasn't me either but I'm thinking it would be great for your BBQ pizza.

  7. What intrigue...
    If you ever find out...
    Now I'm curious...

  8. Oh, we didn't do it either. LOL!


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