grand olypmic awards

On the last day of the Grand Olympics the team settled into quieter events.
The reading tent was purely one of their favorite things.

There were hair do's to style.
I asked Kanneloni Macaroni if I should do her hair too...
and she was okay.

The girls made their medals.

My chair was confiscated.

Lil' Farm Hand did his own craft to take home to Mommy.
He would have loved to take home a medal necklace for Mommy...
but ...well...who knew?

I can't begin to wonder how many times we read this stack of books.
Bedtime story reading was ....

Their new team Tshirts were put on after showering.
They don't know yet...when a Tshirt only costs $5.

The last event before the long ride home was the Bubble blowing contest.

He won!

Inexpensive delights...
that make children smile.

Late afternoon...
they all were strapped in their seats and we headed home.

It was a quiet ride.

After meeting their siblings and parents for supper.
We kissed them goodbye...
turned out truck around and headed back to camp.

It was so good for me to review the times we had with them.
Someday my memory will grow dim.
Pictures and my stories are here for them if they wonder if we enjoyed spending time with them when they were little.

Next year...
Little Miss Muffet will be potty trained...
and then there will be four to tuck in.


  1. I love the pic of them sleeping and all worn out! And the 2nd bubble pic is so very cool!

  2. Such sweetness all around... If you guys hadn't been in charge of driving and all, you might have looked the same way they did in the last photo. =D

  3. Yep!, that last photo is a winner for sure! You really know how to tire out an Olympic team!

  4. Love Vee's!
    The face in a bubble shot was fabulous.

  5. Went back to revisit Lil Farmhand's first daycamp with you...remembering how cute he was at 18 months trying to call gophers with a "tsk" sound! Then the first overnight (diaper less) camping at 2 and a half. glad you recorded those sweet early camping times for him!

  6. I like Vee's comment too! I think you had your turn when you got back to camp... oh but what a good time was had by all!

  7. Such cute pic's...of the closing ceremonies and all! Great memories documented for the future.

  8. Such fun - love your bubble pictures. And those stories are all new to me - I'll have to check them out.

    Looking forward to my own camping trips with grands! It won't be long :)

  9. What a fun vacation! I'm smiling at the kids in the back seat.....what a hoot! Did you fall asleep on the way back to the camp site? You are wonderful grandparents. I can imagine your mom enjoying seeing you with your grands.

  10. You surely have documented the best Olympics ever! You guys are the best grandparents! I love Vee's comment too.

  11. I am learning from you. You certainly are builing memories for these little ones, memories that they will treasure for a long time. I understand the tired feelings.


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