balance beam...grand style be fair..
announcing to you that there was a balance beam grand olympic competition might be overstating things a wee bit.

Sure...and it is not that they didn't put their best foot forward...
but even as the spectator bringing up the rear...
I aced this one.

As expected...
Grandpa did a fair bit of coaching as only a Grandpa can do.

Does it count against you if you at times go on all fours?
I think not...
since clearly it was decided to be part of the routine.

I thought it was a feather in their hat that they called out encouragement from front to back and back to the front again.

You are wondering...
what I liked best about this competition?

Grandpa...never likes them to feel like he has learned everything about any sport.
Requesting support from the littles.....
they all give him their best suggestions and would never leave him behind.

(for the grands in their years to come...)
I'll document what the grand olympic team ate.

all for now.


  1. Your grands are so cute and it's obvious that they enjoy the attention and support of loving grandparents and each other. It is a beautiful thing to see.

    (I remember the kids loving to do this in imitation of the Olympic gymnasts. It was really more about the dismount and that final glory stance with their arms raised and open wide and the feet in that "stuck" position. LOL!)

  2. Never a dull moment out in the woods!

  3. I can almost hear the little voices coaching grandpa...along with giggles...from them and the camera grammie.

  4. Love how the camping fun was made up on the spot with all natural ingredients found locally. Just the way fun used to be had for generations. The best!

  5. I'm sure they had fun giving grandpa advice! Love how you have documented this in conjunction with the 2012 Olympics. Where we are at now...these truly are the grand olympics.

  6. I love that you incorporated the summer Olympics into your camping trip. You covered many sports...wrestling, BMX and balance beam. They won't forget those games anytime soon!


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