summer grand style

It is good to be back.
We had our annual camping trip to Manning Park which is situated near the Canada/US border in British Columbia.

In the previous two years my beloved and I went ahead to set up camp and then had the oldest grands join us for a few days.

This year we decided to pick them up on our way out of the valley and let them help us set up camp.

In the spirit of the Olympics they enjoyed the first of many competitions.
The wood toss was a toss up.
From the spectators booth I oohed and awed and declared a a tie.

As soon as camp was set up they grabbed their run bikes and we went down to the lake to test the water.

We had sneak peeks at various techniques.

Coaching began...

 teams were picked and the third annual grand camping get away was declared open.

all for now...


  1. Love this Lovella - so sweet!

  2. Love the Olympic commentary! Nicely done...

  3. Looks like fun was had by all! I love that I can totally picture your beautiful area now that I've been there!

  4. What great memories you are making together with your grandkids. I'm sure they came home with great stories.

  5. The grand Olympics of 2012 will long live on in the memories of those young athletes!

  6. And here I was thinking that you were missing the Olympics! It sounds like traditions are being set in stone ... I hope you and your beloved havemany years of strength and joy coming to watch these olympics mature. Glad you don't have to wait four years until the next time.

  7. It looks like you all had a wonderful vacation, Lovella! The air and lake looks so cool and clear at the campgrounds. Welcome home!

  8. SO looking forward to camping days with wee grands! Such fun - I'm smiling looking at your pictures.

  9. Such good memories...I'm ready for real camping again...especially with the little ones. They make it so much fun and the older ones jump off much fun.


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