freestyle stunt competition

It is most important when picking a campsite that it comes complete with appropriate terrain for freestyle stunt bike competitions.

The competitors lined up at the starting gate and when the "GO" was announced the first competitor would go through their routine while Grandpa announced the play by play.

At the end of each routine...
a round applause by the remaining competitors and the crowd in the bleachers...(Grammie in her reclining chair)...
brought smiles and a quick race to the gate to await another turn.

What one thought of...
the next competitor quickly added to their routine...
and a lesson..
that when someone takes on your ideas...
it is indeed a great compliment.

How long did the competition continue you wonder?


Of course there were different heats and eventually semi finals and then the final competition.

We are still smiling as I write this post.
The applauding was so sincere as was the effort put into the freestyle event.

In between...
the crowd would request that all the contestants perform at the same time...
for our viewing pleasure.

During that time...
the announcer of the routines would take a break...
while the competitors rode in different directions...
but always watching to be sure the audience was still engaged.

Who won this event?

It was a three way tie...
simply impossible to pick only one winner.

all for now...


  1. They should only allow grandmothers to be diplomats. =D What a cute trio of grands who have a lot of fun together. It's very helpful for them to be such willing entertainment.

  2. I love your Olympic commentary during your camping trip. Too much fun.

  3. Happy you are home, and happy you have more good memories... Three-way tie ? perfect judging when it comes to grandkids... I love Manning Park, and I'm glad you had such great weather !

  4. Well done all. Good to see the girl in there, a future Olympic contender.


  5. A tie? Was a split second difference too hard to see from your chair? I hope you packed the medals. Three golds ... unheard of!

  6. That is awesome - so much cuteness and fun!!! Love the 3 way tie idea.

  7. So fun! I like that the judging was so fair:)


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