settling in

Dear blessed my heart with your kind comments and emails about our family coming "near".
We had prayed that their "far" home would sell in time for the beginning of the fall school year.
We're so thankful that they are able to settle the children into their new environment with days to spare.

The comments so far from the grands....

Little Oh said...."aww..oh.."...but then that is what he always says.
Kanneloni Macaroni said...."I like it...that you are here"...and "I like noodlen"  (I brought chicken noodle soup for supper on Saturday night.)
Oma brought Manicotti on Friday night...and KM said..."I like noodlen"
Little Farm Hand said... "I like my yard...but I'll miss James"  (his best backyard neighbor ever)..
( I think he has already discovered that cousins "near" is a pretty good thing.")

I love the welcome at that front door.

all for now..


  1. I'm sure you all are going to have a wonderful fall together!

  2. So good that they will all be settled in plenty of time for school. Your little farmhand will find that new friends are wonderful while learning that old friends are sweet. May they be able to keep in touch and continue to have fun through the years. Some of my dearest friends live miles and miles and miles away.

  3. So happy for you,Lovella. I am sure this new Fall will be near and dear to your heart. :)

  4. i'm happy for you all! What a nice front walk. I'm sure it will be a place of many warm greeting hugs and sweet good byes the trip to come and visit again is so near by:)

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  6. Many more grand events and good memories to come! Enjoy...

  7. How wonderful that Kanneloni Macaroni loves noodeln... and you did not know that when you named her. How wonderful that now they can come over any time now and help with the noodle making. Wishing them all the best in their new home.

  8. I love this post Lovella - the way you have shared your beautiful grands sweet expressions. I can tell that they are so dear to you and now are also near to you!! How wonderful for all!


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