bearly afraid

The day after the grands were safely delivered back to their parents we settled into a very relaxing routine in camp.
My beloved would mean to go out early in the morning to fish but somehow we would sleep in and his boat only found water in the afternoons.

One afternoon he sauntered back with a smile and said he had seen a bear close to the water.
He knows how I love bear sightings...from a safe distance.

The next day we heard some pots clanging not too far from us and sure enough while we were sitting and reading the bear found us.

He was not afraid at all.
I ran into the trailer and stuck my head out the door with my pots and started clanging like a crazy lady.
My beloved was standing on the ground and claimed even days later he had a ringing in his ears from the pot clanging I gave the bear.

The bear...
was unmoved.

I gave my beloved the pots and he did some clanging himself.
The bear turned around but then stopped at the barbecue to check to see what was for lunch.

A few years ago we were hiking on a very vegetative path and I started to get nervous and wondered aloud what we would do if we could come across a bear.  The path had no where to escape and so we decided to head back and purchased a $40 can of bear spray before we went on our next hike.

The bear spray is always kept in our back pack and so while he was clanging pots with no effect I brought out the bear spray and the pots were replaced.

Finally...he had a reason to remove that safety and as the bear came around the far side of the table and towards us the bear spray was administered according to directions and since I was breathing quite deeply right behind him...
I sucked in my portion of the spray and along with the bear...
became sure I didn't want to be on the wrong end of a riot anytime soon.

The bear...
hightailed it out of there....
but not before he left his signature on the seat cushion.

The camp operators arrived soon after and we handed him the bear spray as the bear was not yet convinced to leave the camp.

Last we heard there was a bear spotted crossing the freeway and heading up the mountain.

We hope we saved that beautiful bear.  Bear spray is not pleasant but if the bear understands that human contact is dangerous...he will avoid something much worse...
a bullet.

all for now...


  1. Gosh you guys are brave. (I once suggested to my mother that she could get a better photo of the bear on her deck if she would only open the window. My suggestion was not met with a lot of enthusiasm.) Bear spray...glad that you remembered it. Glad that the grands weren't with you either. Can you imagine trying to round them all up quickly and boogy? Hope that the bear sees plenty on the other side of the mountain to keep him fed and entertained. Cute post!

  2. When I was growing up we camped in Sequoia National Park and Yosemite in California. Bears, indeed, but not as bold as this ones daylight trip into your camp! Wow!

    I wanted to tell you too, that you are an encouragement to me as a Grammie. My granddaughter is 2 and the first of many too come, I'm sure. Your interaction with yours and your pleasure in having fun with them inspires me!


  3. They are cute from a distance! I noticed a hand-made sign on our road yesterday, warning of a bear in the neighbourhood. They come at this time of year, attracted by the apples.

  4. That's what I'd call way to close for comfort! Glad you had the spray and that the grands were all home...

  5. Wow! I will have to show this post to my boys! They will love it and will wish that they could have seen it. Glad that the bear finally made his exit from your camp!

  6. These pictures of the black bear bring back memories of my childhood up in the UP of Mich. My cousin and I would bring food to the dump in the small town my Mom was raised in. Then we would watch the bears come and eat....We didn't think of the danger....
    Thanks for sharing this event with us.
    Love from NC

  7. That looked a bit too close for comfort! I laughed about your pot clanging and ringing ears... What a sight that must have been! So glad the kids were safe at home by this time.

  8. Oh my goodness! They look so cute and cuddly...but that is a little too close for comfort. So glad you had your spray along.

  9. Oh my! Bears can be so dangerous..and that one looked like a baby bear which means Momma must not have been far away. The big Momma bears are the ones to look out for as they will kill to defend their young. I'm glad you had the bear spray and that it worked!

    If I ever go out into the wilds of Colorado I'm going to make sure I have that same type of spray along. Will is also work on Mountain Lions?

  10. EEk - that is amazing and scarey! I'm so glad to know that bear spray actually works and that "earringing" pot clanging doesn't! So glad you survived this encounter.

  11. Now THAT is a family legend for you all!

  12. I am witness to the little teeth marks on your picnic bench cover. It was fun to sit right at the spot where this happened as you told us about this little fellow. Good thing for that bear spray.

  13. Your grandkids are so blessed that you take them camping!!! It looks like so much fun!!! not to mention work for you I'm sure!!!

    How exciting to have a bear come visit! I would have enjoyed that, as long as the only damage was the cushion.

    Did I mention Michael has agreed to one night of camping this fall?!?!! Yay!!! Some expert campers are taking us!

  14. Lovella
    I love your bear story and having the photos made it so much better!!
    Your hubby was very brave, for sure
    The wee bear did look awful sweet!


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