Tuesday, August 31, 2010

getting ready!

You know you have a most wonderful friend when she comes to help you get ready for a party that she didn't receive an invitation for.
That's Dorothy. . .bless her heart.

The table is set. .
we're all in a dither. .

I've stocked up on devonshire cream. .
and made up a fresh batch of lemon curd.

And this morning. . .
I'm making little scones and crust off the bread sandwiches.

I'll be missing in action for a few days. . .
but you can find my whereabouts on Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
Be sure to check there . ..
and join in our fun.

Monday, August 30, 2010

tailgate party

On the way down from our hike we passed by the lookout parking lot and Kathy in her typical spunky fashion decided that we would come back up the next morning for a sunrise party.
And so at 5:00 am we got up. .
made pots of coffee. .
gathered our bacon and eggs and  scones .. .and walked to their campsite where they were ready with their pot of coffee. .
their grill, their bread . . beaten eggs and milk for french toast.
We drove as quietly as we could out of the campsite and giggled the whole way.
(well okay the girls were giggling the guys were saying something about. . .how they couldn't believe they were doing this)

It was a cloudy morning so we were really really happy that there was a sliver of sunrise.
The boys set up the patio heater. . and the grill.

We sat around drinking coffee until it was properly breakfast time.

. . .and then  we ate our breakfast . .
and drove back into camp around 8:30.

Everyone needs to do that once in their lifetime. . .
or in my case. . .maybe twice.
It was the best time.

all for now. .

Friday, August 27, 2010

where helium balloons go

We didn't really feel like a big hike. .
but we needed the exercise and we wanted to see the last of the alpine meadows in bloom. .
so we made the trek to the three brothers mountains.

Girls are so much easier to get in picture ops don't you think?

After we caught our breath ..
we ate a snack. .
took a few shots . .
and started back down. . ..

. . .and then he spotted this shiny piece of foil.
He had to see what it was of course since we are such good hikers to carry everything back out with us.
A helium balloon must have escaped the clutches of someone. .
and if they are looking for it. .
they can come claim it.
It may not hold it's air anymore ..
but then it still can make a person smile.
all for now. .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

group three

On Monday afternoon. .
the third and final party began.

We canoed across several lakes. .
while the boys attempted to catch us dinner.
They didn't . . and it was just as well since between the four of us.. .
we had enough food for the month.

More on the third party tomorrow.
all for now . .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

old campers reunite

On Friday afternoon the parents and the sisters came for supper and retrieved their kidlets and siblings.  ..
and we were alone. .
for a little while.
On Saturday evening after supper ..
Tim and Flo our "old" camping friends showed up at camp.
They had the good sense to pack their jammies and so they stayed the night.

We had camped together with our children for so many years we lost count.
We remembered that Stuart was left home with his grammie and grampa the first year . .
but showed up on camping pictures when he was two. .
and then we camped together almost every summer until we bought the farm.. . literally.
By then. . our kids were mid teens and wanted to stay home  . .
and so it fizzled out.

We pulled out our old Rook book ..
and spent time reading through the scores and through the reasons we had been together. .
and I smiled at the notion that my extent of documenting through those years was on a Rook score book.

Flo and I visited.  ..and the boys visited.  .
and we walked and ate and made meals together . .
and then it ended all too shortly and on Sunday night.  .they headed home. . .
and we were alone.  .again.  .for awhile.

All for now.  .

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

what they did. . .whilst we relaxed


  • a campsite with a 10% incline leading away from the site into the trees. . is a good thing.
  • parents that teach their kids to ride bikes early .. even better


  • washable felts. . .priceless
  • rock art . . .so cheap


  • a bag of peanuts. . .cheap
  • learning to communicate with the animals. . very funny


  • boats with strings attached bought as we left town. . .
  • hours of endless fun with them saying .."grammie.  ..look"
  • and me saying .. ."wow". . .over and over again.
all for now ..

Monday, August 23, 2010

campers in training

well. . . that was fun.

This year on our summer sabbatical to Manning Park we brought the diaperless duo.
Last year we hummed and hawed about the invitation but this year we spent the first few days in a focus group. 

Sure. . .it was a bit of a gong show at times . .
but they had fun and we had fun and . . .
and memories were made.

We asked them on the way ..
what are you going to do camping?
They both agreed that it was the animals that most attracted them to the idea.

Sure. . .there were no cows. . .
or chickens. .
but the nutcrackers and ground squirrels satisfied them and we ticked that request off the list.

We liked the focus. .
and decided that the two and a half days of camping for the two and a half years of their life.. .
was worth every moment.

More on the camping tomorrow . ..
all for now . .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

refresher course

Every now and then it is good to look back to see what it was that brought refreshment to the soul.

I posted these pictures last year ..
but they still give me a grin.

During my refresher course.  .
I plan to line up feet. .
like mine and see if we can set up a buffet.
I'll let you know how that goes.

As soon as I finished my refresher course. .
 I'll be back.
all for now . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

So thankful!

(taken by Tanya this morning)

Yesterday was quite the day.

I watched facebook status like never before.
At some point in the afternoon, I became incredibly hungry for fresh Lepp Farm Market Corn.
We went for a quick drive  . . and came right home to stare at the screen some more.
For the remainder of the evening . .we passed the time grilling fresh sausages, peppers and corn.
while we sat in our tent and waited to hear the outcome of my brother Gerry's procedure to open up the veins in his neck. 
Meanwhile, far far away in the land of Mexico in a small clinic. .
my sister by love, my niece ..sat and waited for news from the doctors.
It seemed a bit sureal to get snippets from time to time. .over the chat.

Now we know the outcome of his procedure.
He had four veins which were narrowed and clogged and the doctor there opened them and released the blood from his head.

People that love them. . and care about those that love them. .
helped to pay for the procedure.

How grateful they are. . and how grateful we are.
Now we wait and see what the outcome will be.

In the meantime . ..
while my beloved and I waited. .
the phone rang. .
the emails came in. .
the phone rang. .
and messages were left.

I am overwhelmed once again by the love that has been expressed.
I am so humbled by the outpouring of love on my brother and sister by love's behalf ..
and on ours as well.

Thank you for praying.  .
thank you for loving...

If you wish to continue to know the outcome of Gerry's procedure in Mexico ..
please check out his blog at the right top corner of my blog. .

I'll be back . .
all for now. .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gerry's Big Day

(Gerry and Heidi as they left for Mexico this morning. .taken by Tanya ..which I stole borrowed off of facebook  :)

As  I write this. .
my brother Gerry is having an MRI in a clinic in Mexico to see if they can help him with his MS.
He travelled with Heidi my sister in law and their daughter Tanya this morning to seek a treatment that is very hopeful for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

You can keep up to date here on his blog.

(another picture that Tanya took today in Mexico)

My brother has been struggling with MS for a number of years now.
Though the needed to retire early, he has been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for most of his adult life.
We do not know what tomorrow will hold for him. .
but we know that he is in God's hands.
We are praying for healing.
We are so thankful for everyone that has helped to make this procedure possible for him.
 We are excited for Gerry and Heidi and for their family.
As I write this. .
I wonder  if they are really doing the procedure tonight?

If you believe in prayer..
please lift my brother Gerry up.

I'll keep you posted.
Thank you my friends,
all for now . .

Updated 10:30 Sunday morning.
Gerry has seen the neurologist, he is prepped and they are doing the doppler on the veins right now.  His procedure will be after that and so we should know more in a few hours.
I'll post here when we know. .
thank you for praying everyone.

Updated 2:45 pm from Tanya

UPDATE: After waiting, and waiting, and waiting....we were finally called into the recovery room to find....a dad who had not had the procedure :( Something was wrong with a generator or something so the doctors told him to rest for a few hours and then they would try again. Back to the waiting game!

  Update at 8 pm

Did you see the update on his blog?
OH ..what an answer to prayer.
I talked to Chrissie ..and chatted with Heidi/Tanya. .
and he is doing so well ..and heading back to the hotel .

here is the status update ..copied from Tanya.
Wow ..how amazing.  I just can't wait to hear more.
I'm so excited.. .thank you for being such great friends..
your emails and chats have meant the world. .how blessed I am.

He's out!!! Blockages in all three veins and

two in the left jugular. So four blockages in total. He is doing well,

groggy, but fine. No immediate changes to report. He is eating some

supper and then we are allowed to go. Will write more once we are back

at the hotel. THANK YOU for all your prayers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

little miss muffets high tea

I love summer parties.
When I can run outside in bare feet to my garden while there is still dew on the grass to cut fresh flowers to set here and there. .
the bungalow feels ready.

I didn't take many pictures ..
but the memories are tucked away deep in my heart.

One day. .
I'll tell her ..
how it was my greatest honor to invite those that love her for her first high tea.

She was completely disinterested in the goings on.
Beautifully wrapped packages and oohs and ahhs didn't impress her one bit.

Freshly born . .
"stuff"  just doesn't matter to her.
There is no yearning for that which she does not have . .
nor does she worry one spec about tomorrow.
and she is at peace with everyone.

As I write this..
the rain is pouring on the tent. . .
and I'm loving it.

All for now . .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

help in the kitchen

I told my beloved I'd be up early this morning. .
and I am.
Yesterday .  . .
I noticed again how helpful he is in the kitchen.

He mowed the lawn ..
swept the sidewalk . .

He edged the lawn. .
and hauled away my wheel barrow full of flower garden waste. ..
while I sewed up a bit of netting to stretch over the top of the baby bed.

and then. .
when he went to the shop ..
I followed him with my pewter colored frame and wondered if it might be painted white.
It was.

Today . .
all the little girls. .
and grown up girls.  .
that are part of little miss muffets life. .
will come together for tea.

Off to make my scones . .
all for now . .

I've removed comments for today. .
go ..
enjoy your day.