old campers reunite

On Friday afternoon the parents and the sisters came for supper and retrieved their kidlets and siblings.  ..
and we were alone. .
for a little while.
On Saturday evening after supper ..
Tim and Flo our "old" camping friends showed up at camp.
They had the good sense to pack their jammies and so they stayed the night.

We had camped together with our children for so many years we lost count.
We remembered that Stuart was left home with his grammie and grampa the first year . .
but showed up on camping pictures when he was two. .
and then we camped together almost every summer until we bought the farm.. . literally.
By then. . our kids were mid teens and wanted to stay home  . .
and so it fizzled out.

We pulled out our old Rook book ..
and spent time reading through the scores and through the reasons we had been together. .
and I smiled at the notion that my extent of documenting through those years was on a Rook score book.

Flo and I visited.  ..and the boys visited.  .
and we walked and ate and made meals together . .
and then it ended all too shortly and on Sunday night.  .they headed home. . .
and we were alone.  .again.  .for awhile.

All for now.  .

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  1. Wistful and wonderful...

    Don't teens know how to throw a cog into the wheel? Thus ended some of our most fun times, too. I told them that they'd regret it, but I'm not sure if they've come to that place yet.

  2. Oh man...it's been an age since I played Rook! What a fun reunion....

  3. How fun...to have kept the old Rook scoresheet! I see you are a wicked Rook player, Lovella. I think we need to team up sometime. We play Rook a lot over here.

    It looks like a good time...re-living those camping days of old. You never likely had all that fancey camping gear...back in the day!

  4. Sounds so fun!! I kinda wish we were making camping memories with our kids...but not everyone is a camper. ;) oh well.

  5. Fun to see you enjoying old memories and friends . . . such a blessing!


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