help in the kitchen

I told my beloved I'd be up early this morning. .
and I am.
Yesterday .  . .
I noticed again how helpful he is in the kitchen.

He mowed the lawn ..
swept the sidewalk . .

He edged the lawn. .
and hauled away my wheel barrow full of flower garden waste. ..
while I sewed up a bit of netting to stretch over the top of the baby bed.

and then. .
when he went to the shop ..
I followed him with my pewter colored frame and wondered if it might be painted white.
It was.

Today . .
all the little girls. .
and grown up girls.  .
that are part of little miss muffets life. .
will come together for tea.

Off to make my scones . .
all for now . .

I've removed comments for today. .
go ..
enjoy your day.