So thankful!

(taken by Tanya this morning)

Yesterday was quite the day.

I watched facebook status like never before.
At some point in the afternoon, I became incredibly hungry for fresh Lepp Farm Market Corn.
We went for a quick drive  . . and came right home to stare at the screen some more.
For the remainder of the evening . .we passed the time grilling fresh sausages, peppers and corn.
while we sat in our tent and waited to hear the outcome of my brother Gerry's procedure to open up the veins in his neck. 
Meanwhile, far far away in the land of Mexico in a small clinic. .
my sister by love, my niece ..sat and waited for news from the doctors.
It seemed a bit sureal to get snippets from time to time. .over the chat.

Now we know the outcome of his procedure.
He had four veins which were narrowed and clogged and the doctor there opened them and released the blood from his head.

People that love them. . and care about those that love them. .
helped to pay for the procedure.

How grateful they are. . and how grateful we are.
Now we wait and see what the outcome will be.

In the meantime . ..
while my beloved and I waited. .
the phone rang. .
the emails came in. .
the phone rang. .
and messages were left.

I am overwhelmed once again by the love that has been expressed.
I am so humbled by the outpouring of love on my brother and sister by love's behalf ..
and on ours as well.

Thank you for praying.  .
thank you for loving...

If you wish to continue to know the outcome of Gerry's procedure in Mexico ..
please check out his blog at the right top corner of my blog. .

I'll be back . .
all for now. .


  1. Keeping right on praying for a great result. Thank you for the update. Gerry has many loving family members and lots of wonderful makes a world of difference. God's blessings on you all...

  2. Good news - so happy that things are going well. Blessings, Peg

  3. I've been following Gerry's blog to keep updated..and I'll keep praying for complete healing without complications!

  4. It is good news atop good news, isn't? Gerry's procedure being successful, and that SO MANY people in the world still believe in an awesome God, and pray to Him for others.

  5. This is SO encouraging for so many people!

  6. Praising God with you all. We will follow his story and continue to pray. Thanks for the update. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. I'll keep following for the updates. Blessings...

  8. We are following the progress reports...and continue to pray. Most encouraging!

  9. Giving thanks with you this morning! I pray that he gets the right care, especially as the specialist is not there the rest of the week. During hard times it's most encouraging to know the love of people who care about you. May Gerry and Heidi and their family know and feel that even as they wait things out so many hours away.

  10. Thankful along with you! Many many blessings!
    Love and prayers

  11. Such great news! Praising God along with you...

  12. Praising god with you! We will continue to pray. Kathy (MGCC)

  13. Thinking of you guys lots and lots. I pray things go wonderfully.

  14. The blessing of family and friends and the privilege of prayer. I was so thankful to hear of this progress and I am excited to see All that God is going to do through this special couple. Thank you for the update. I am sure your heart must be rejoicing today.

  15. People ask about miracles...I think that God has taken the liberty to show us new miracles..maybe not turning water into wine...but showing us how to keep trusting him, no matter what our circumstances. He will come through regardless.
    Thanks for keep us posted.
    We need to keep sharing our miracles.

  16. Just read Gerry's latest entry - it's amazing! So happy for you all!

    Have fun on your refresher course!!

    (sneaking a comment in here - lol)

  17. Just catching up on reading and am so happy to hear that things went well for your brother. What good news. I do pray that this procedure will be effective for the long term.

  18. This is fantastic!! I pray Gerry is able to enjoy this amazing results for many years to come! Thanks God.


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