tailgate party

On the way down from our hike we passed by the lookout parking lot and Kathy in her typical spunky fashion decided that we would come back up the next morning for a sunrise party.
And so at 5:00 am we got up. .
made pots of coffee. .
gathered our bacon and eggs and  scones .. .and walked to their campsite where they were ready with their pot of coffee. .
their grill, their bread . . beaten eggs and milk for french toast.
We drove as quietly as we could out of the campsite and giggled the whole way.
(well okay the girls were giggling the guys were saying something about. . .how they couldn't believe they were doing this)

It was a cloudy morning so we were really really happy that there was a sliver of sunrise.
The boys set up the patio heater. . and the grill.

We sat around drinking coffee until it was properly breakfast time.

. . .and then  we ate our breakfast . .
and drove back into camp around 8:30.

Everyone needs to do that once in their lifetime. . .
or in my case. . .maybe twice.
It was the best time.

all for now. .


  1. How incredibly inspirational! Thank you! That is just something I would LOVE to do! Thank you and thanks for the pictures! Blessings!

  2. Just crazy enough to appeal to anyone who loves a sunrise. Your smiles say it all!

  3. I love your sense of adventure!! May it never end :0)

  4. Hmmm...can't say I have ever done that! But it looks like a fine time...watching the sun rise with good friends in a lovely spot...sipping coffee and enjoying a good breakfast. Maybe one day...

  5. Awww...how fun, and crazy. Don't you guys do Easter sunrise service up there? My semi-yearly dawn encounter works for me.

  6. Jealous here - God forgive - I'd love to do that or other crazy adventures - but that's definitely not hubby's cup of tea - or coffee! So, thanks for the virtual sunrise coffee!

  7. I'm sitting here with my mouth open...nope. I don't need to do this, but I'm glad that you all have enough spunk left. I'll enjoy the experience vicariously. Oh, you all look pretty chilly, too.

  8. Well, some do the Sunrise, and others do the Sunset...
    Looks like one incredible time...with all your modern camping equipment. Isn't that fun?
    We did the Sunset Hike at Bryce Canyon...Yes, I can see why it's worth the wait..Sunrise...Sunset...
    See you tomorrow.

  9. It was such a fun morning...none of us will forget that time of laughter and friendship that just loves you the way you are...first this in the AM. We have shared so many memories and I'm sure many more to come. Kathy (MGCC)


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