group three

On Monday afternoon. .
the third and final party began.

We canoed across several lakes. .
while the boys attempted to catch us dinner.
They didn't . . and it was just as well since between the four of us.. .
we had enough food for the month.

More on the third party tomorrow.
all for now . .


  1. Nice way to end your trip :0)

  2. No catch? Fish don't have many calories. Do you mean that all of September you'll be watching your waistline? Shoot! September has so many wonderful food choices.

  3. I would have been happy to have eaten that little fish for you.

  4. All of your camping posts were refreshing and so enjoyable. Nature, good conversations, time with the grandchildren, games and campfires...I just find it difficult to think of anything better. I appreciate that you shared these posts.


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