little miss muffets high tea

I love summer parties.
When I can run outside in bare feet to my garden while there is still dew on the grass to cut fresh flowers to set here and there. .
the bungalow feels ready.

I didn't take many pictures ..
but the memories are tucked away deep in my heart.

One day. .
I'll tell her ..
how it was my greatest honor to invite those that love her for her first high tea.

She was completely disinterested in the goings on.
Beautifully wrapped packages and oohs and ahhs didn't impress her one bit.

Freshly born . .
"stuff"  just doesn't matter to her.
There is no yearning for that which she does not have . .
nor does she worry one spec about tomorrow.
and she is at peace with everyone.

As I write this..
the rain is pouring on the tent. . .
and I'm loving it.

All for now . .


  1. I'm sure that this will be the first of many celebrations in Miss Muffet's life - and it sets a high standard!

  2. Love the framed menu...what a great idea to paint it white. Blessings on Little Miss Muffet!

  3. Thank you for inviting me to celebrate the new life of this precious little girl.....she is a beautiful baby.It was a garden party with soft music playing, iced tea and coffee, beautifully presented scrumptious finger food and friends to share the blessing.....what girl wouldn't enjoy that! One day when she is a young adult she she will really be touched as you share the day you put on a garden party in her honour....until then..I'm sure you will be having little tea parties with your growing bouquet of grand girlies. Who would have thought! Love Kathy

  4. You have inspired me! I double clicked ... to see more . . . and the imaginations are adding ...
    your girls are blessed beyond measure.

  5. Thank you Lovella for your hospitality everything was so pretty. And i felt honoured to be included in Miss Muffets special day.

  6. Your description of Little Miss Muffet reminds me of how we are to have a little child...trusting completely in our Father for all we need and not worrying one spec about tomorrow.

  7. Flowers just picked from your gardens and precious people to have tea with, what could possibly be better? She is so fortunate to be born into your family and to be loved so much.

  8. Little Miss Muffet is most blessed to have all those around her who care. How fun to clebrate her arrival that way!

  9. Beautiful. She has all she needs. A good reminder.

    I love the theme of your celebration!

  10. This was SUCH a great idea. I'm sure we all would have loved to be there to help welcome her into the world. If she could only know how much she is surrounded by loving people. Someday she will...


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