where helium balloons go

We didn't really feel like a big hike. .
but we needed the exercise and we wanted to see the last of the alpine meadows in bloom. .
so we made the trek to the three brothers mountains.

Girls are so much easier to get in picture ops don't you think?

After we caught our breath ..
we ate a snack. .
took a few shots . .
and started back down. . ..

. . .and then he spotted this shiny piece of foil.
He had to see what it was of course since we are such good hikers to carry everything back out with us.
A helium balloon must have escaped the clutches of someone. .
and if they are looking for it. .
they can come claim it.
It may not hold it's air anymore ..
but then it still can make a person smile.
all for now. .


  1. You gals look so sunkissed and happy. I'm glad that you got the balloon outta there. Beautiful alpine wildflowers, too.

  2. Ha...that is fun! I always wondered where all those balloons go!!

  3. I love that hike up their. Great shots..and you wore my favorite shirt.
    Enjoy your day...

  4. Too funny! Love the shots of you and Kathy amongst the wildflowers!!

  5. It was a really fun hike, wasn't it! Funny how an old deflated balloon gave us so many laughs....life is fun and I'm glad we got to share some time together. Kathy (MGCC)

  6. Thanks for sharing the fun! The Alpine meadows are gorgeous and you look like two little girls making the most of the day! Way to go!

  7. Lovely blooms out on the meadows. Looks like you had a fun time...lost & found balloons and all!

  8. Looks like you had great weather without any trail closures this year. That is wonderful! Sad to think helium balloons don't go to heaven, but then again, maybe it is a wee bit of heaven in mountain pastures.

  9. Poor Andrew was in tears that his balloon accidentally flew away from his birthday party. :( Fortunately, Aunt Em went to the rescue and came home with a few more. Amazing how such small things break a child's heart.


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