campers in training

well. . . that was fun.

This year on our summer sabbatical to Manning Park we brought the diaperless duo.
Last year we hummed and hawed about the invitation but this year we spent the first few days in a focus group. 

Sure. . .it was a bit of a gong show at times . .
but they had fun and we had fun and . . .
and memories were made.

We asked them on the way ..
what are you going to do camping?
They both agreed that it was the animals that most attracted them to the idea.

Sure. . .there were no cows. . .
or chickens. .
but the nutcrackers and ground squirrels satisfied them and we ticked that request off the list.

We liked the focus. .
and decided that the two and a half days of camping for the two and a half years of their life.. .
was worth every moment.

More on the camping tomorrow . ..
all for now . .


  1. Well, I knew that you were off somewhere! And I even imagined that you had some grands in tow...looking forward to seeing all the goings on. Of course, one could keep herself endlessly entertained watching the grands use her shoe as a feeding station for squirrels. :D

  2. I like that formula of a day of camping for each year of age. Of course, it might get a bit overwhelming when you are 80 and they still want the tradition to continue...but then again, maybe not!
    Naturalist in the making: those are my kind of people for sure.

  3. Hmmm...does that mean we need to make it an eight-day trip for the two oldest grands? That will be running into their school year, I'm afraid. I think they will still have the two and a half days...same as always.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your 'camping experience'.

  4. You really know how to attract the wildlife Lovella! I wondered what those shoes were good for...Love those shots.

  5. Those shoe shots - love them!
    We are in Kingston with our diapered duo. There won't be any camping for a while yet, but we're sure having fun painting, scootering, jumping on the trampoline and making playdough.

  6. I am jealous of those little campers!!! They are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents.

  7. You are building memories for wonderful that they are diaper-less...that's one of my rules...there are so many wonderful things that can be done with those youngsters camping...and they will remember and talk about those experiences the rest of their lives.


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