joel and his bride

Late Saturday afternoon we joined with family to celebrate my beloved's cousin's marriage.
Joel and his bride Breanna planned the most relaxing and welcoming event for family and friends.

It wasn't that long ago that we celebrated Uncle Elvin and Auntie Wendy's Anniversary.
We just love these people and were so excited to slip under the radar once again with an invite.
We of course replied that we would be delighted to attend.

Joel and Breanna . . .freshly married.

I snuck around the back and took a shot for you.
Bridal eye candy.

The uncles sat around with their nephew and chatted about life, family and business.

I enjoyed the walk through the casual, beautiful flower garden.

Left to right. .
the bride Breanna, her new mom by love Wendy ..
and the the three sisters Auntie Hilda, Auntie Loretta and my mom by love Pauline.

Auntie's chatting it up with cousin Carmen and her little lad Jackson.

At twilight, I passed my camera to another for a shot with my man.

And then. . .
The bride brought out her desserts. .
little pies for us all.
How sweet is that?

It was a wonderful time and one that will be remembered as one of our best times this summer.
Family weddings. .
the best.

All for now ..


  1. Absolutely Lovely!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Such a lovely setting for a country wedding! The bride's dress is just wonderful and unique. I can see why the guests at this wedding had great fun. You and Terry look fabulous!

  3. All weddings should be this relaxed and fun-looking. Beautiful bride!

  4. What a fun looking wedding. Those individual pies are such a clever treat!
    You and Terry look great!

  5. What a lovely wedding! Informal and fun! And the desserts look scrumptious!

  6. It all looks so fun and casual and beautiful! Thanks for giving us a peek.

    We thought about Joel and Breanna on Saturday...they chose a good date for a wedding!

    PS My word verification is 'dowery'. How appropriate is that?

  7. Her dress rocks. Beautiful setting too, both visually and with all the love of family about her.

  8. You and Terry looks just as in love as the new bride and groom!
    I was trying to figure out how those pies were packaged up and then realized they are baked in tiny canning jars. What a great idea, but sooo much work!

  9. Oh my word, Lovella! What a beautiful, relaxed wedding! Her dress was stunning, especially the back view! And you and your man look as good as ever!!!

  10. A beautiful garden wedding! I love the atmosphere...dress...cute little pies!
    And your dress is stunning too!!

  11. What a unique wedding - the bride and groom look so happy and the garden setting was idyllic.

  12. What a beautiful backyard wedding. I really like how weddings reflect a couple's tastes and lifestyle. This couple look so good in their wedding attire. Her dress with it's vintage flair, is perfect for the occasion. I would have been disappointed without the back view picture. She certainly is a pretty bride. You and your husband look great too. It is fun to step into your world again for a few minutes this evening, via this wedding. I think the pie idea is special too.

  13. You captured the day so beautifully! Thank you! I didn't even take one picture at the reception :(


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