Gerry's Big Day

(Gerry and Heidi as they left for Mexico this morning. .taken by Tanya ..which I stole borrowed off of facebook  :)

As  I write this. .
my brother Gerry is having an MRI in a clinic in Mexico to see if they can help him with his MS.
He travelled with Heidi my sister in law and their daughter Tanya this morning to seek a treatment that is very hopeful for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

You can keep up to date here on his blog.

(another picture that Tanya took today in Mexico)

My brother has been struggling with MS for a number of years now.
Though the needed to retire early, he has been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for most of his adult life.
We do not know what tomorrow will hold for him. .
but we know that he is in God's hands.
We are praying for healing.
We are so thankful for everyone that has helped to make this procedure possible for him.
 We are excited for Gerry and Heidi and for their family.
As I write this. .
I wonder  if they are really doing the procedure tonight?

If you believe in prayer..
please lift my brother Gerry up.

I'll keep you posted.
Thank you my friends,
all for now . .

Updated 10:30 Sunday morning.
Gerry has seen the neurologist, he is prepped and they are doing the doppler on the veins right now.  His procedure will be after that and so we should know more in a few hours.
I'll post here when we know. .
thank you for praying everyone.

Updated 2:45 pm from Tanya

UPDATE: After waiting, and waiting, and waiting....we were finally called into the recovery room to find....a dad who had not had the procedure :( Something was wrong with a generator or something so the doctors told him to rest for a few hours and then they would try again. Back to the waiting game!

  Update at 8 pm

Did you see the update on his blog?
OH ..what an answer to prayer.
I talked to Chrissie ..and chatted with Heidi/Tanya. .
and he is doing so well ..and heading back to the hotel .

here is the status update ..copied from Tanya.
Wow amazing.  I just can't wait to hear more.
I'm so excited.. .thank you for being such great friends..
your emails and chats have meant the world. .how blessed I am.

He's out!!! Blockages in all three veins and

two in the left jugular. So four blockages in total. He is doing well,

groggy, but fine. No immediate changes to report. He is eating some

supper and then we are allowed to go. Will write more once we are back

at the hotel. THANK YOU for all your prayers!


  1. A dear friend of mine is also a candidate for MS surgery. Praying that all will go well and God will heal! He is a God of miracles!

  2. I'm watching and waiting with you. How exciting! Wouldn't that be something if they went ahead with it tonight? Praying all goes well and that the results will be even better than expected or hoped for! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Lovella...our hearts and prayers will be lifted up to God, the Almighty. He is the sovereign Healer.

  4. What a wonderful picture of the two of you! Gerry's face. What a dear kind man. I went shopping yesterday I'm not a shopper just needed to go. I ran into the world all day long and came home so very tired. Something difficult at every turn.
    Gerry's kind face put me back where I need to be in the center of Christ's love and kindness. I will be praying that is for sure.

  5. It is a privilege to pray for this couple. I can't imagine all that they have gone through, and what a blessings this visit would be. I am looking forward to some updates. How calming to know that he is in God's hands.

  6. I absolutely believe in prayer and I absolutely believe in miracles. Not only that, but my family has a personal history with this nasty disease. (Unfortunately, my corner has the highest incidence of it in the country so we all know someone who is afflicted. I will be watching with great interest.) Many blessings to your brother and his wife and family. It is an honor to join with you in prayer for them.

  7. Absolutely will pray for your is a privilege to do so.

  8. Joining with you in prayer...and trusting God for positive results from the procedures in Mexico.

  9. Dear friends, and new found friends through our Journey of we are in the waiting room in Mexico. We feel such peace - we know it's prayer. The neurologist just did an extensive analysis - so friendly and personable. He just had blood tests done and now is having is doppler ultrasound then the procedure. This room is our new home for a few days, we've taken over. It says, no eating, be quiet but we are eating and skyping, hahaha. Anyway, all this to say, thanks for praying and thanks Lovella for a beautiful blog. Love, Heidi

  10. I will keep him and his family in my prayers!

  11. Lovella, I am here praying for Gerry right now. We know that God has a plan for Gerry and Heidi. It is good to ask God for miracles knowing that He is able. What that will be...only our loving God knows. We will be praying for you all as a family as you pray and wait to hear from them. With our love. Kathy, for Scot too.

  12. I will continue to pray for Jerry. I've clicked over to read any updates, too.

  13. Such a beautiful picture! Gerry and Heidi ... there was a prayer for you at church this morninng. May God continue to give you His peace and be glorified in the results of this procedure!

  14. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gerry and Heidi - we are so excited and hopeful for him - with love - Flo

  15. Said a prayer while reading this post, and will continue to pray and check for updates.
    We have two young men (brothers) in our congregation, who have been hit hard by this terrible disease. If only they could have access to this treatment...I've heard many stories of amazing results already!


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