Monday, September 30, 2013

A Tea Party

A few weeks ago we had our last warm spell.
The leaves were already beginning to fall and Bea wanted to do a photo shoot for kanneloni macaroni's summer birthday...
before summer was truly over.

I decided during this early evening photo shoot that when I retire from Mennonite Girls Can Cook...
I want to be a photographer's (as in Bea's) back up photographer/prop girl.

It was so special to see the energy and natural enjoyment.

There was no posing...
no bribing...
no frustration.

There was only the beauty of a perfect tea party prepared with a little girl in mind.

Once the scene was set...
the little girl went right to play.
She loves her Kya doll and was quick to tie her bib on.
The little mommy was attentive to be sure that the tea party was enjoyed around the table.

Chatter with her guests was typical of her daily make believe world.
As I watched and took a few pictures of my own..
I  dreamt of the play house I hope to build.
We'll use china cups and everyone will have turns to pour tea.

She laughed...and talked to the photographer while her brother watched from the sidelines...
hoping there would be leftover "tea".

I thought about how I begged my mother to have a baby sister for me to play with.

I've been blessed with three little girls who call me Grammie.
and they are always willing to play tea party.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ten Thousand Villages Granville and the Ferry to Victoria

There is a rain event scheduled for our part of the world.
It started with an appetizer yesterday when we left Abbotsford.

By the time we arrived in Vancouver it had slowed to a drizzle.
We walked around Granville Island until we found a suitable place for us to have lunch together before our first signing.

Edible Canada does they very best to serve only food grown in Canada.
I ordered the eggs!

The food was served and we chatted around the table until all the tables around us filled up and then we headed towards our first signing.

The clematis that blooms in early fall....
was on cue!

We arrived at Ten Thousand Villages Granville a few minutes early and saw that they had worked hard to put their aprons on the line and had a perfect spot ready for the folks that would come visit.

Ten Thousand Villages staff has always been so gracious in baking up treats from our books to serve their guests.

Granville Island is a tourist destination for many people.
Some locals came to see us,
having read the notices posted.

Others stumbled upon us.
Some had never heard about us before and were very interested to know what brand of Mennonites we were.

We had conversations from people all over the world.

The surprise for this couple visiting from Australia was to walk into the store and see us.
They were so excited to be able to meet us and purchase both our books to take back to Australia.

They follow our blog!
Can you imagine?

Once on the ferry...
we stood in the buffet lineup and purchased some snacks to get us across the pond to Victoria.

The ferry ride is beautiful and one I have not travelled for some time.

Once we settled in our hotel..
we walked to find some dinner.
Walking to the harbour we found the British Columbia Parliament building lit up.

We ate at Milestones and enjoyed the view.

Walking back to our hotel,
we enjoyed the city at it's best.
Window displays in every store called our name.

We stopped of course.

Thought of my son!

And then we came upon the Ten Thousand Villages Downtown Victoria store...
ready for today!

Inside..was someone just closing up and she came out to say Hi.

"I'm going home to make your cabbage soup for tomorrow" she said.

Do we feel welcome already?

We surely do.

all for now..

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Hair-Do

Do you ever sit down in your hair-dressers chair and say...
"do what ever you want?"
I do...and did.

She was in the mood to cut and she did.

I came home and made a pot of coffee and waited for my beloved to come in for coffee.
He smiled big.
"you had short hair like that when I met you".


So..we're all good here in the bungalow!

And as always..
I like to keep you in the loop!

all for now..

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Sister joins BMX


He's proud of his little sister...
and that makes me happy.

Four years old..
and she loves to ride BMX.

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and Spice and all things nice..

What are little girls made of?
Smiles and Strength and full of life!

That's what little girls are made of.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Larson Hill ATV Trip

Last Tuesday afternoon we packed up after chores and headed up to Larson Hill for our annual ATV trip with friends.

The scenery is beautiful from the highway and once we take the exit ...

we wind our way down the hill toward the Coldwater river.

This weekend was the beginning of Autumn and the trees were just beginning to be touched with the golden glow.

One by one we arrive and claim our spots closest to the river.

I've been loading photos and will share more of the ups and downs of all that ATV trips include.

Happy Monday!

all for now...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Tulip Tree

He mowed up the leaves one more time.
I don't know why...
to clean up for the tree fallers maybe.

If you have never been told that Tulip Trees are prone to aphids...
consider yourself warned.

We have been battling aphids on our tree for years and this year was the final straw.
Each and every leaf looked like this.

The aphids eat the leaves and the sap drips like we are having a light spring shower.

Back in the "olden days"...
we used the now forbidden insecticide  that we painted around the trunk of the tree...
but when that bottle ran out...
we ran out of options.

"Lady bugs...that's what you need."  they said.

OH?  really..
and would you deliver them in a shipping container?

The tree had ladybugs...
and they lived in harmony...
along with the wasps.

I was chomped twice last week by wasps.
And I wasn't even been antagonistic to them.

The tree faller was beckoned to come and give the tulip tree it's release of a life prone to aphids.

I felt like it was showing me how valuable it is...
Where will we get  shade from next summer?

Not this tulip tree.

That chipper made me shudder at how quickly it devoured it's prey.

It started to look like a Dr Suess tree.

I started to think about palm trees...
and wondered if we left it like this if people would laugh.

The tree faller must love that last zip to take off the last Puff.

And so it is.
On a cloudy day ...
I feel like I have more light in my kitchen.
That's good..

There will be no more swinging from that tree..
or snow clinging to delicate branches.

There will however be firewood.

And that's that!

The good news is that people were over for dinner...
and didn't notice the big gaping space.

Count the years with me...
where do they go?

all for now..

Monday, September 16, 2013

Amazing Bubbles

Well it is true.
Every now and then something is what it says it is.

Summer is nearing it's end.
We are in the last week of summer and we are making the most of summer time fun.

I was immersed in the smiles and laughter that the bubble fun created.

Easier than blowing bubbles they said....
and they were right.

Now and then we wanted to just run into the bubbles and capture them.

I smiled inside knowing that this looked like mid July instead of the last week of summer. . .
and knowing..
I only needed to be put in the rinse cycle at the end of the day.

Five dollars worth of fun...
well spent.

Everyone wanted to play in the bubbles.

The farm should be clean...
if bubbles help make you clean.

If soap washes aphids off leaves...
there should be none left..
just sayin'.

Should be!

Today the tree faller is coming...
and it along with the zillions of aphids will be chipped up and carted away.

all for now..

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ten Thousand Villages Galimoto

Last week while we were signing at the MCC sale for Ten Thousand Villages
I browsed through their store which is always interesting with all their artisan crafted products.

All their merchandise is Fair Trade which means...
they create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories into our markets.

This little toy caught my eye and I thought about our grand who loves his bicycle wheels.

I was told then that there is a story book that can also be purchased which tells the story about how children in Malawi make Galimoto's.

The story is about a little boy named Kondi who is determined to make a galimoto -- a toy vehicle made of wires. His brother laughs at the idea, but all day Kondi goes about gathering up the wire he needs. By nightfall, his wonderful galimoto is ready for the village children to play with.

Kondi collects bits of wire from his neighborhood and keep a stash of small bits and pieces until he has enough wire.

He used pieces of bamboo for legs and..
and corn cobs for a body and found scrap bits of fabric to cover his toy.

I bought the book and the Galimoto and couldn't wait to show it to my own grand.

I brought it home and next time he came to visit I brought it out to show him and together we read the story.

As the story unfolded he kept turning the Galimoto around and was amazed that children in other countries make their toys instead of going to the store to buy them.

Off he went with his Galimoto from Malawi!

Do you know someone who would enjoy learning about how children around the world make their own toys?

Check here on the Ten Thousand Villages website for more information.

Speaking of Ten Thousand Villages...
Mennonite Girls Can Cook is going to be visiting two TTV stores at the end of the month.

We'll be at TTV Granville Island Market, Vancouver on Friday September 27 1-3 PM
TTV Victoria, BC  on Saturday September 28 1-3 PM

Please pass the word and bring a friend!