Amazing Bubbles

Well it is true.
Every now and then something is what it says it is.

Summer is nearing it's end.
We are in the last week of summer and we are making the most of summer time fun.

I was immersed in the smiles and laughter that the bubble fun created.

Easier than blowing bubbles they said....
and they were right.

Now and then we wanted to just run into the bubbles and capture them.

I smiled inside knowing that this looked like mid July instead of the last week of summer. . .
and knowing..
I only needed to be put in the rinse cycle at the end of the day.

Five dollars worth of fun...
well spent.

Everyone wanted to play in the bubbles.

The farm should be clean...
if bubbles help make you clean.

If soap washes aphids off leaves...
there should be none left..
just sayin'.

Should be!

Today the tree faller is coming...
and it along with the zillions of aphids will be chipped up and carted away.

all for now..


  1. These photos are so beautiful. The irredescent bubbles every where, the joy of the children and the feel of one last hot summer day is wonderful. I love the photo of the dog enjoying the fun too. Have a lovely week.

  2. Looks like you truly are enjoying the last days of summer and your pictures of the bubble fun are fantastic Lovella! Sorry to hear that you have aphids - so annoying.

  3. Bubbles of fun. Sorry to hear that your big tree has to come down. I'll be back to watch that process.

  4. I think you hit the jackpot with that bubblemaker! Fun end-of-summer entertainment.

    Sorry you will be losing a tree. Which one?

  5. It's worth getting those bubble shooters just for the photos!I wonder if I could still find some?
    Surely bubbles can go past summer ... even if only in the bathtub.

  6. Wow! Look at all those bubbles! They must have had so much fun. Hope that you'll be documenting tomorrow's chores.

  7. Love that you have a German shepherd joining in the fun again. Wondering if bubble could freeze in winter? Gotta get a bubble shooter and find out!

  8. That was truly money well-spent. The difference between boys and girls - I bought something similar for the boys and our four year old grandson emptied it all out to 'see how it worked'. No bubbles after that!

  9. Love these pictures! They would be perfect to use in my "Family Fun" magazine. What a great advertisement. I can't wait to buy them for my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. That was a wonderful way to describe that heat wave...Bubbles make one feel childlike. You described it perfectly in the innocent eyes of your grands.

  11. we like bubbles too! I take them on all trips with us - some adults are afraid of them - but the young people of all ages get right on it ; )

    ALSO - on diff topic - what are the paver stones you have in your driveway (bubble photos) - they look really nice - would you use them again I wonder?

    thank you - a fan in the Okanagan


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