Ten Thousand Villages Galimoto

Last week while we were signing at the MCC sale for Ten Thousand Villages
I browsed through their store which is always interesting with all their artisan crafted products.

All their merchandise is Fair Trade which means...
they create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories into our markets.

This little toy caught my eye and I thought about our grand who loves his bicycle wheels.

I was told then that there is a story book that can also be purchased which tells the story about how children in Malawi make Galimoto's.

The story is about a little boy named Kondi who is determined to make a galimoto -- a toy vehicle made of wires. His brother laughs at the idea, but all day Kondi goes about gathering up the wire he needs. By nightfall, his wonderful galimoto is ready for the village children to play with.

Kondi collects bits of wire from his neighborhood and keep a stash of small bits and pieces until he has enough wire.

He used pieces of bamboo for legs and..
and corn cobs for a body and found scrap bits of fabric to cover his toy.

I bought the book and the Galimoto and couldn't wait to show it to my own grand.

I brought it home and next time he came to visit I brought it out to show him and together we read the story.

As the story unfolded he kept turning the Galimoto around and was amazed that children in other countries make their toys instead of going to the store to buy them.

Off he went with his Galimoto from Malawi!

Do you know someone who would enjoy learning about how children around the world make their own toys?

Check here on the Ten Thousand Villages website for more information.

Speaking of Ten Thousand Villages...
Mennonite Girls Can Cook is going to be visiting two TTV stores at the end of the month.

We'll be at TTV Granville Island Market, Vancouver on Friday September 27 1-3 PM
TTV Victoria, BC  on Saturday September 28 1-3 PM

Please pass the word and bring a friend!


  1. That's a sweet story. What a great way to connect our children/grandchildren to another culture.
    Looking forward to the 28th in Victoria.

  2. Why, yes, I do. And it wouldn't be the first time that a toy or book has been purchased on your recommendation!

  3. Oh your grandboy is growing up! I'll look for that story when 10000 Villages arrives here. Sounds like a winner.

  4. Thanks Lovella,
    I'm definitely going to go get this story book and Glimoto for my grands!

  5. What a great story and gift. It looks like he's really enjoying this toy! Great pictures and BTW I love your new header.

  6. We got the galimotos for our grands in Saskatoon when we were signing there and they had a lot of fun with them. It was later that I heard from a blogging friend that there was a storybook to go with it and so I picked it up now too. TTV have a number of nice children's stories that teach kids about other countries.
    Love the photos that tell your own story here, Lovella.

  7. Ohh what a neat post .. To broaden the horizons of our grandchilden is such a good lesson opportunity! So life shaping!

  8. Galimoto's and the book to go with them...a perfect teaching opportunity.

  9. Ten Thousand Villages also has a great selection of chocolate products for everyone (spouses, children and grandchildren). Who doesn't like chocolate!!


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