A Tea Party

A few weeks ago we had our last warm spell.
The leaves were already beginning to fall and Bea wanted to do a photo shoot for kanneloni macaroni's summer birthday...
before summer was truly over.

I decided during this early evening photo shoot that when I retire from Mennonite Girls Can Cook...
I want to be a photographer's (as in Bea's) back up photographer/prop girl.

It was so special to see the energy and natural enjoyment.

There was no posing...
no bribing...
no frustration.

There was only the beauty of a perfect tea party prepared with a little girl in mind.

Once the scene was set...
the little girl went right to play.
She loves her Kya doll and was quick to tie her bib on.
The little mommy was attentive to be sure that the tea party was enjoyed around the table.

Chatter with her guests was typical of her daily make believe world.
As I watched and took a few pictures of my own..
I  dreamt of the play house I hope to build.
We'll use china cups and everyone will have turns to pour tea.

She laughed...and talked to the photographer while her brother watched from the sidelines...
hoping there would be leftover "tea".

I thought about how I begged my mother to have a baby sister for me to play with.

I've been blessed with three little girls who call me Grammie.
and they are always willing to play tea party.


  1. For a few brief seconds, I thought I had opened my new "Victoria" magazine, instead of visiting a blog:) You gave a new definition to a little girl's tea party. What little girl wouldn't dream of a party like this! A dreamy, colorful, creative party. Thanks so much for sharing it. God knew you needed a little girl to celebrate with.

  2. That is so pretty. Your granddaughter is so sweet playing with her dolls and serving tea. My younger sister and I had a lot of tea times with our tea sets as little girls. You are making wonderful memories with your little grands.

  3. That is so precious, Lovella!

    How delightful to have a birthday tea party!


  4. Oh yes! You've got the best of all worlds. What a darling tea party hostess.

  5. Such sweet photos. Love all the props!! I took all the details in...

  6. Just beautiful! So happy for you! So neat that this little BMX lover is also a wonderful little mommy to her dolls! Love the props .. from the old bench, to the flowers, the brightly colored cookies, the necklaces and the teal colored tea pot.

  7. A picture-perfect tea party! So pretty...down to the last detail.

  8. I also begged my mom to have another child(I was the surprise born when she was 40). I love that my two daughters have large families and although I get tired after being with 11 grands, it is still such love and joy.
    Love the pics! Have a great day.

  9. That is a magazine photo shoot. I am almost certain that there must be a magazine just waiting to publish some of Bea's photography. Precious!

  10. Such sweetness. Tea parties like these are what I dream of with my own little granddaughters. Just a few short years to go. You inspire me with your grand-parenting.

  11. Another Grandma here who can't wait to sit in on a granddaughter's tea party. You little KM is such a sweetie, and I love the scene set by her Mama - she has a gift for it!

  12. How wonderful for you to have cherished those moments together and that you could observe from the background the wonderful account of a tea party. Did you wear your tea party dress? That would be so much fun for her.

  13. So beautiful on so many levels! Wishing I lived closer and could invite your granddaughters over for tea using my mom's and then my pink depression glass child size tea set. I hope little girls will always play tea party! (And brothers came to tea too.. To learn good manners...or else they were told to leave!)

  14. Oh, you make me want to be a Grammie soooo much! What fun and so beautiful. I love the drapery and all the details.

  15. Catching up now that we are back!!! Oh yes I would have loved to have been there for this tea party!!!! What fun to take pictures and enjoy all the beauty. If only i had the energy to make one for Laura...... :)


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