Tim Junior's wedding

Last Friday we had the honour of being invited to a wedding.
We've known the groom his whole life and his parents Tim and Flo have been our very dear friends since they married shortly after we did.

Their sweet grandchildren led the procession.

From my seat at the back...
I snapped a few unprofessional photos but you can see how beautiful it all was.

They poured their unity sand..
and created a unique design.

Alissa was a beautiful bride and her dress was lovely on her.

I have always admired Flo's mom in law.
She is as sweet as they come.
Still always with a smile and a cheerful greeting.

We chatted after the ceremony for a long time with friends we don't see often anymore.
Weddings are so special for the parents.
It is not often we have the chance to properly celebrate our adult children with our friends.

The flower-girl left her basket for us to admire after the ceremony.

We also enjoyed having a visit with Charlotte who is the now famous face of Lepp Farm Market where Mennonite Girls do our cooking classes.
(coming up again December 4th..stay tuned for our Christmas Class)

Charlotte and Flo became walking partners when Tim and Flo moved to the farm next to Rob and Charlotte.
They already knew each other from high school and have since shared the lives of their children growing up and I'm sure have solved many of the world's problems during their weekly walks.

Tim's grandparents.
Such a blessing to their family.

The reception was at Whonnock Lake Community Centre.
It was such a beautiful setting and I loved seeing some of our friends walking down towards the water.
They didn't realize how picturesque they were.

I passed my camera to a friend.

Tim and Flo..
you raised a very fine and handsome son.
We are so happy for him and for you and pray that they will be blessed as they begin their life as man and wife.


  1. Oh it's been too long since I have attended a wedding. How fun to be able to peek in on this one! Many blessings to the newlyweds...

  2. It looks like the young couple had a perfect day. Your 'unprofessional' photos are beautiful. You will soon be in demand as a wedding photographer!
    I will be in Abbotsford on Dec 4th so will try my hardest to get on the list for that class. What fun!

  3. What a beautiful setting for the wedding. Your shots captured details beautifully. Quite the sand design that they created...
    Love the shots of you and your guy on the dock...

  4. Such beautiful photos! So nice to see Tim and Flo and his parents whom I have such great memories of . . . just like you describe them! The grandchildren look like the kids we saw a generation ago and little Timmy is all grown up!
    May God bless them in their marriage.

  5. Thanks for taking us along to the wedding...you captured it beautifully! Lovely couple...wishing them a many blessings as they journey together.

  6. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing, it was a lovely wedding.

  7. Thank you Lovella for the lovely post and the beautiful pictures! You could be a wedding photographer...but I think you are busy enough already!
    We are so glad you and Terry could join us in the celebration, we are so thankful for our friends and family and all of the prayers for our family - our hearts are full. With lots of love, Flo
    ps. Could you please email me your pictures - they are beautiful!!

  8. What a lovely wedding and setting! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures. You and Terry look so great and your friends look like such a lovely couple. I love Flo's dress - she's so pretty. What a blessing to see our grown children find love and to celebrate with them!

  9. We couldn't make it to the wedding, so I was so happy to see your pictures and to hear a little about the day. Sounds like it was so wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing Lovella...

  10. great pics! so nice to see tim and flo,grandparents and grandchildren. and to see tim and new bride! thanks for posting them,lovella. brought back great memories! congrats to you all!!

  11. Weddings are so much more original today...I love them...and it sounds like this was another beautiful event. You captured it well.
    I was best friends with Flo's sister Marge.

  12. Lovely photos, Lovella!!! I'm so sorry I didn't 'officially' meet you at the wedding, because I was RIGHT there, but didn't know who you were. :( I know my sister Marge talked to you.(I'm Flo's oldest sis)
    But it was such a blessing for me to be able to be there for Tim's wedding. Family is a great blessing.

  13. Lovely, lovely wedding. What a special day! Blessings!!

  14. In lovely fashion, you captured this wedding so that I almost felt a part of it. The colors, the flowers, and the location made it look like pages from a magazine. You are right, weddings do have a way of bringing friends and family together, and we always leave them feeling like we caught up with everyone. What a memorable occasion for all of you! Love the picture of you two by the lake!


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